Jason Day


He’s yet another example of the Tour’s failure to deal with slow play. It’s gotten to such a point that they have nowhere to go. Final group yesterday was an utter farce.


This was the kicker for me. I don’t think anybody thinks of him as a Buckeye, but dammit Jason if there is ever time to suck it up, just once, how about in your adopted home state?


Nike bulletproof vests



Didn’t know Nike was branching out into tactical gear…


Gotta defend themselves from the PXG Army.


Has JDay been in the kill house recently?


Jason Day is ready for this threads shots


No one got a picture of the tag, but I’m sure it said “Refuge Protection”


Has anyone ever seen the Nike vest being worn outside of a tour even? Is that only something people wear when they are absolutely being forced to do so from a sponsor?