Jason Day


Not 100% sure why I feel this way, but I cannot stand watching Jason Day win a golf tournament. He seems like a nice enough guy but I think he lacks excitement and finesse. Does anyone agree with me?


It’s weird. He’s hard to enjoy.
The elaborate/deliberate pre-shot visualization…
The robotic no wrist-action pitch shots…
The “aw shucks” giggle coated in cockiness…
The all-out 100% swings seemingly with every club…
The whole “Jason Day was a troubled youth” narrative…
The fact that he probably took/takes PEDs and that’s why he didn’t play in the Olympics…
He’s a Barstool fan…
Lives in Ohio of all places…

Hard guy to like, but he’s so flippin’ good. Rolls it so well it’s gorgeous.


Jason Day is one of the villains of the PGA Tour, on par with Reed, Bubba, Bryson. I never mind when those three are in contention, though, because it livens things up when they’re in the mix. You’re usually willing to forgive a little crazy or a lot of hubris in exchange for some fireworks.

Day is the complete opposite, something much more insidious. Instead of engaging in outward displays of braggadocio, Day slowly and quietly grinds down opponents over six hour rounds, moving at a glacial pace that sucks the life out of a tournament. He only gets away with it because announcers (and the Tour, more generally) are taken in by his displays of cloying sentimentality and performative Munchausen’s. I can’t wait to see him ruin another Players this week.


It could be the way in which Nike dresses him in those vests and painted-on shirts


He’s so slow it literally bends time and space. He somehow slows down an already slow CBS broadcast. Watching Jason Day is like playing behind a foursome as a single on an empty course.

Has J Day ever been guilty of a saucy display? There’s nothing saucy about WDing a pro am and then winning the tournament IMO. Might be part of the issue.


JDay isn’t even a good villain. Reed, Bryson, Bubba, and Poulter all are way more interesting to watch in terms of entertainment. JDay doesn’t really do much interesting on the course (no disrespect) and he has a just overall dryness. Honestly seeing him win is the least ideal compared to the other villains.


He’s one of my favorite golfers but that’s because I spent 9 holes of a practice round at The Memorial in 2016 right alongside him, and got the talk to him for a few minutes, where I learned he is a genuine sweetheart. I was a fan of his beforehand. I rooted for him over Jordan in the '15 PGA, which was very tough for me to do considering how big a fan of Jordan’s I became that year.

I understand why he can be disliked. A sloth will have played a full 18 at Pine Valley before JDay’s played 4 holes at a par 3 course, and his celebrations of a made putt during the 2nd round of an event make it look like he just won the Olympic gold medal for judo.

I promise he’s a nice guy though, and Ellie is even more attractive in-person than on TV. Therefore I am an ardent fan.


I used to like JDay but found myself actively rooting for him to make a double on 18 yesterday…


I don’t mind him but I understand not loving him though. The injury shenanigans are head-scratching to say the least and something about him doesn’t seem genuine, even though I think he is. It’s hard to describe. I do think he’s been turned into a villain largely because of his slow play, which is a bit unfair since that’s a tour issue overall.

All that said, I prefer him to another vanilla-ass, Titleist golfer that no one can pick out of a police lineup. Golf needs more personalities, good or bad. It also helps that he is incredibly talented and his A game is a damn delight to watch. The 2015 PGA was an absolute ball-striking clinic.


That pretty much sums up my thoughts as well.


I think our collective opinion of Jason Day would be substantially higher if he took half as much time in his pre-shot routine. The boys mentioned on the live show that he just “sucks the life out of tournaments,” but the reason for that, IMO, isn’t how steady he is (although that may be part of it), but simply a product of his excruciating routine from the time he picks a club to the time he pulls the trigger. He and Cantlay are two guys that I just can’t pull for, despite their immense talent, because I find myself yelling HIT THE EFFIN’ BALL multiple times per round when they are in contention. Brutal.


I don’t see how you can put him in with that category of villians. The general public loves the guy, I think. It’s guys like us (golf nuts) who have grown tired of him because we see every move he makes. Especially the always sick/injured narrative he always tries to throw in our faces. The poor ol’ me type of acting. I used to love the guy, but now just meh about him. Hard for me not to root for a guy who kinda falls off and then makes his way back to being one of the best in the game, though. Even kinda enjoyed the Bubba resurgence, but still hate the shit out of that guy.


Can we just talk about the move he pulled in the memorial pro-am…(again.)

This dude slays me.


Even more amazing (not actually that amazing though since this is #par for the course for him) that he does this as an actual member of Muirfield and a local of Columbus area. So soft.


Yeah I recognize the guy is an elite talent and seems like a perfectly nice guy but I can’t root for him either.


Translation: serial killer.


New hot take on its way: the dude’s a cheater. He routinely pulls this move to get a leg up on the field. Needs to be reprimanded for this.


From Day’s presser today:
“I had a little fever, the sniffles and lost 10 pounds…”

That perfectly describes every bachelor party weekend I’ve ever been a part of.


Check this quote…


I want to inject this take intravenously. Insidious is such a great word for it - he puts you in a pot of warm water, gets you comfortable and then keeps turning up the heat for 3 hours until you’re dead.

Performative munchausen’s. :heart_eyes: