Jacksonville Beach, Florida Muni re-opening


Whoops. Meant west



Played here last week and it was a treat. So much fun to play, some great holes, really neat green complexes, fun conditioning (down with brown), and a really cool vibe. The place was bustling and all about golf. If you are in the area, definitely worth checking out. I’m jealous of everyone that gets to play there regularly.



Played today from the tips which led to some weird angles.

I know folks are down with brown, but I’m worried some about the fairways. There’s brown, and then there’s dollar weed taking over, which my house 5 miles away has dealt with. Greens were okay, none of us were putting well, so don’t exactly know what the deal was there. It’s always tough this time of year when things are dormant, but there’s dormant and there’s dead, and the fairways may be a struggle.



Played there on a Thursday (after a few weeks away) with the crew and we were all baffled by your comments. Healthy dormant Bermuda (all things relative for a muni that costs $20-45 to play) and starting to see a little green pop thru in the fairways as the temps get warmer and the grass coverage is the best it’s been. The superintendent is doing a great job. Some stuff to fix around the greens (rained nonstop the month they laid the paspalum sod so there are some ripples that make it impossible in certain spots to play the ground game.

Again, your comments are not at all representative of the current condition of the course.



Glad to hear this. Just booked a round for when I’m down there in a few weeks for The Gold Standard and was hoping what he said wasn’t true.

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Fair… Again, it’s hard to tell with dormant bermuda, but there were some areas where dollar weed had taken over. Granted, I wasn’t hitting the ball very straight so maybe we were seeing different parts of the course. Also, maybe that few days made a big difference. It’s tough for a course to be in great shape this time of year, anyways.

Greens were still in great shape, obviously overseeded, but still no dead spots. I hope I didn’t come off too negatively.



I’m pretty sure they’re not overseeding the course. The greens are paspalum - not rye - and it has been warm enough around here lately for the Bermuda to start waking up a bit.



In town tomorrow from ATL and booked a 2:33 to try this baby out. Anybody want to play? Maybe some Wolf Hammer? @Soly @Tron @djpie



I’m in a splint or I would gladly join you - absurdly nice day out there!

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Major Medical?



not dissimilar to when @ClubProGuy got chlamydia



T’s & P’s my man



minor medical. hopefully Soly doesn’t go all David Berganio on our asses and milk this for a decade (which blows my mind that the tour has allowed that to happen).

As for @eddieb85, they’re def not overseeding. As @OffTheDole mentioned the greens (and everything within about 40 yards) are paspalum and thus will stay green year-round, green Bermuda sprigs are starting to pop through a little bit in the fairways, and the course simply doesn’t have the budget right now to overseed. Many of the spots off the fairways they are letting the grass die and turning it back over to sandy waste area, which will look good, play even better and reduce costs immensely.

Also, good news - the city council approved a $6 rate increase. That they haven’t gone to a resident/non-resident bifurcated rate structure doesn’t make sense, but at least this is a start. The course is on track for over 60K rounds, which isn’t leaving enough time for general maintenance, much less improvement. They could double the rates and it would still be underpriced. The $6 increase brings the 18 hole walking rate to $23 on weekdays :joy: and still leaves the highest rates including cart below $50. Definitely don’t want to price anyone out - there’s a balance. And that extra $6 should equate to a couple hundred thousand dollars more for the maintenance budget on an annual basis.

If you can’t tell we are over the moon to have Jax Beach back in our lives.






Was able to book a Sunday prime time tee time for $60. That would run me a $80-120 at my usual public courses in Maryland. Really looking forwarded to #gettinginvolved down there

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They raised Sat/Sun even more than the $6 then - good on them!

Keep in mind when you play that we’re still a ways off from it being the full vision. The Super, Trevor Hughes, came from Ponte Vedra Inn and Club (he was assistant there), which has gone way downhill in his absence. His plans are vivid and real, and he’s got the skill and acuity to make them a reality. Just gonna take time and more budget (hence the rate increase!)



Just back to hotel after playing it and getting drenched. It was a love/hate experience. I love Jax Beach Golf and I hate that I can’t have it in my life. It was without question, the best $16 I’ve ever spent.

Wish I could have got @Soly @Tron or @djpie for some Wolf hammer, but there was a benefit to getting paired with old man Bob and older man Gene. You think you suck as a 7 hdcp then get paired with guys who can’t get it off the ground 1/5 shots and you feel like Rory and start bobbin your head.

Speaking of Wolf Hammer. Jax Beach is Wolf Hammer paradise. I would have likely lost my ass today. I would have been down the most and 17 is a driveable Par 4. Blind solo all day. Kicked out of greenside bunker splash!! Still would have been down which is great because 18 is a par 5. Didn’t realize water behind 18. Nuked hybrid splash. 17/18 is perfect for fun ending to Wolf hammer.

Overall really enjoyed the course. No complaints. 15-18 is a real fun finish. Will play again when back down on business.

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I hope I didn’t come off too negative. I enjoy the course and the layout, and never played it prior to the renovation.



All good! Just proud of our local muni and will defend it with all our might!



#17 there might be my favorite hole in Jax, but I have a thing for short Par 4’s. #12 at Fleming Island, #14 at Julington Creek (Actually, that one kinda sucks, no risk/reward)… Haven’t played the new #12 at Stadium yet… The entire Blue course at NAS…