Jacksonville Beach, Florida Muni re-opening

I would imagine the NLU staffers are incredibly excited about this. The old course was far overdue for a refurb and it looks great, can’t wait to get out and play it.

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I know I can’t wait. That’s the course I learned the game at.

I am also looking forward to playing on paspalum. It’s the hot grass right now because it’s salt tolerant and lays down really well. It should be really nice on the brand new greens.

If you want to read even more about it, check this out: http://www.jacksonvillebeach.org/sites/default/files/documents/Parks/whats_new_at_jax_beach_golf_club_4_-_week_of_september_3.pdf

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Paspalum is fantastic, I played Kiawah Ocean after they changed over to it and it is one of the best surfaces I have ever played on.

To celebrate its reopening, I have heard rumors of the NLU crew starting a bed-and-breakfast at the Kill House.

From a leaked travel brochure:
Honor the past. Challenge the norms of today. Cultivate the future. Welcome to the Kill House.
Before we were a part of the “golf media,” we were just a group of idiots with some wild ideas. But, we’ve never forgotten our roots as fans. And, we know there is one thing that fans want: accessibility to the best unfiltered golf action. That’s why we’re opening our doors (literally) to those outside of the No Laying Up inner circle. Join us as we unveil the next endeavor of No Laying Up…The Kill House, a bed-and-breakfast by Tron Properties.

Each week, a limited-number of guests will have incredible access to see how NLU influences the world of golf. Greet each day by strapping yourself in and donning your best flame retardant apparel as host Tron Carter serves scorching takes on Twitter.^ Can’t take the heat? Relax and experience an intimate breakfast of oatmeal and toast with Randy as he regales you of tales of late-stage capitalism and what socialism gets right.

Are you energized and ready for more? Guests will then get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Kill House merchandise warehouse (a.k.a. Slaughterhouse) and experience a hands-on tour^^ with the Merch Czar himself. You’ve never seen a pack-and-ship operation like this. We guarantee it!

^Tweets will be dictated by Tron, and he may or may not dictate while showering. Before participating in tweet sessions, guests must sign a waiver relieving NLU and its entities from any physical or psychological duress directly, or indirectly, attributed to this activity.

^^By agreeing to a tour of the Slaughterhouse, guests are required to separate, fold, pack, and ship a minimum of 50 items of one product type or a combination of 50 items from the following products: shirts, jackets, hats, tanks, vests.


The opening got pushed back to November 10th. From the pictures I’ve seen, it should be worth the wait.

Psyched to see this thread (apologies for not seeing it earlier).

I’ve been out there 3 or 4 times now since they started construction and I am absolutely fucking ecstatic about it reopening. The architect Harrison Minchew did a great job of re-working what was needed routing wise (fixing pointless forced carries, creating a bit more drama in the finishing stretch) and also fixed some basic structural stuff (re-irrigating so the greens have grass on them, lol).

I don’t want to overhype it, but I think you guys will be pumped. They haven’t said this in any certain terms, but everything I’ve talked to them about points toward trying to make this an East Coast version of Goat Hill Park (as great to go play as it is to hit balls and have a beer) and I feel really good about it.

We were kicking around the idea of having an NLU event in December after it re-opens if anyone would be into that…?


I think you just want to have an event like the one held by Golfer’s Journal so you can pad your trophy case :wink: .

December is a double-edged sword for travel. Most employers are not as busy so it makes it easier to take vacation, but a lot of that vacation time is spent visiting relatives. Personally, I would love to participate, but getting a flight, lugging clubs, and trying to navigate leaving my wife with the children is tough. Not everyone has an understanding wife like @Tron. :frowning:

I suggest starting a poll and seeing what type of participation you would get.


Depending on the day, I would strongly consider driving down from Atlanta.

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All depends on the date, but would be interested

Sounds like fun. Count me in for December.

Event or no event, I’m sure I’ll see you guys out there at some point since it’s a short drive from Riverside. The annual “membership” is still a great deal (even better for Beaches Energy customers) and it’s one of the only places in town you can walk.

The course is looking sweet.

Bought my annual membership before grabbing lunch at TacoLu. There are still a few openings in this weekend’s opening shotgun starts.

The range looks good and has some fun, beach-themed targets. I’d imagine the people capable of hitting stingers on command will enjoy taking some snipes at the surfboards.

Looked at their website and went through some photos. Looks like Tron has been doing a little modeling to supplement his income.


What day are you playing? I’ll be out there Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, I won’t be out there this weekend due to some family commitments. :disappointed_relieved:

I did snag a Saturday tee time next weekend though.

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Gonna be up there in mid-March as I just scored 8th row Center Court for the NCAA Tournament regionals this year and my bud lives on… J’ville Beach. Def. bringing clubs.


Architect’s notes and sketches for the redesign.

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Great find. Thank you!

Getting really pumped for this. @Tron and I will be out there Saturday afternoon for opening day if anyone will be there.

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Have fun. I’m sure I’ll see you guys out there at some point.

FYI, here are the rates: http://www.jacksonvillebeach.org/residents/parks-recreation/jacksonville-beach-golf-course/rates

An interesting pricing quirk is it costs the same to walk as it does to ride and there’s no walking before noon on the weekends.