Is Jonas Brother Only Human Same Song as Iration Already Gold

I heard Jonas Brothers “Only Human” the other day on the radio and immediately thought it was the opening to Tourist Sauce California season but I know that opening song in Iration “Already Gold”. Give it a listen, words are different but is it the same song? I’m no musician, just cant figure it out. Did NLU use the Jonas song for another video, I’m confused.

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I think you’ve stumbled onto the inarguable fact that all reggae sounds the same.


This is an interesting thing to jump back in on after 8 months of lurking.
I like it.

They sound slightly similar, although not as similar as some songs do (Tik Tok by Ke$ha and California Girls by Katy Perry; Wagon Wheel and this song by Parsonsfield).

The other big difference is that the Jonas Brothers stink and Iration rules

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its pretty pretty pretty close guise…also the hook is pretty catchy and now its in my head. thanks for springing this on me after 8 months @mjtalbott22

It’s a Reggae beat, 1 4 5 pattern - lots of songs do this. They do sound the same. Most likely did not copy each other. More likely that they copied bob Marley instead whether directly or indirectly.

Listen to Clean Bandit_24 Hours (feat. Yasmin Green) and compare