Is Bryson golfs James Harden?

Hadn’t seen this floated out here anywhere. Plays the game super stats driven and their style is really not for everyone. Felt like an obvious fit.


I love this. You have to respect both but they are also super annoying and easy to root against.


I’m with you, but please flesh this the fuck out.

There’s eleven paragraphs-worth of Bryson’s semi-successful pseudoscience having real world application.


I’m more on board with this comparison with Bryson being his new size. Because now you’ve also got Harden and Bryson being fun to watch in common - as opposed to Bryson preciously, who was like watching paint dry. Even if he’s still slow, at least it’s a wild ride now.

Is he slow now because the gravitational pull is higher and he’s conserving energy or is it just because he is trying to convince everybody he’s sciencing the shit out of everything?


Can you be a math geek and a meathead at the same time?


Has anyone charted Bryson’s performance in cities with great strip club scenes?


I don’t think Harden is particularly fun to watch. The step-back 3s are cool, but the foul drawing and endless free throws aren’t great for the spectator.


I don’t know. Maybe I’ve missed it, but does Bryson bully Slugger into giving him scummy drops even when it’s obvious he should get one.

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No one has to bully Slugger into giving out scummy drops. Slugger will give those out if a player just asks nicely.


I love this comparison but couldn’t we have put this in one of the numerous other Bryson threads?

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I love this. The one thing you haven’t really highlighted is that they both rack up stats, are serious weirdos but in the most important competitions outright fail. (See: Bryson in any major, Harden in the playoffs…)


Gotta map the entire NBA to the PGA Tour. What a glorious rathole of a thread this has the potential to be. Then do virtual NBA games based on tour events.

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We actually did some of these a while ago.

Would be a fun one to dive back into.


I mean they both travel a ton…

Sorry I’ll see myself out


The Harden pseudo-travel side step thing he came up with could be the side saddle putting? Maybe not technically illegal but the officials seemed to snuff it out quickly.

Just throwing shit out there as it comes to me


Between this and the Schwab thread turning into Golfers as GoT characters, I’m thinking we should just create an entire sub-board for pop culture comparisons @McSchvantz

Caddie’s walking speed = gather step

Forearm anchoring/rip through = annoying exploitation of rules as written

Going to guess nobody in Harden’s entourage carries a spritzing bottle though.

My old roommate (rabid NBA fan) and me (always intrigued by statistics) had way too much fun dissecting this theory including

  • Terrible inter rater reliability (google review ratings)
  • Using an average mean for strip club ratings vs a quadratic mean

If we consider James Harden a reliable metric would could extrapolate a national rating systems for strip clubs

James and Bryson both live rent free in a bunch of people’s heads? Seems like an apt comparison.