Is Amen Corner reversible? Is Augusta National reversible!

I simply could not fall asleep one night last week. Tossing and turning all night. As per usual, my prescription is to play a few holes in my head. I got through Amen Corner 4 over (I’m a realist). And once I got to the 14th tee, I looked back at 13 wondering why I went for the green and I asked myself, “Is Amen Corner reversible?”

Imagine teeing it up on the 14th tee box and playing to #12 as a slight dog leg right par 5. You go up over the green to the 13th tee box and playing to the 11th green as a long par 3. You slide over and you play up 11 to the 10th green… this is where I had some difficulty imagining it because of all the trees. Without them, I think it might be possible, but an incredibly hard hole.

I may or may not have ingested way too many edibles before bed that night, but damn it, I think the place can be played backwards with the removal of a few trees. It didn’t end there, I worked my way from just off the 18th green the whole way around.

The only problem areas are the trees behind 10, the existing 8th to 7th green would be awkward, playing 18 green up the backwards 10th, and finishing on the 9th green.

I’m not sure if anyone out here agrees or can envision it, but I’d love to hear what you all think.



If you look at it the way you did, whether edible-induced or not, every course is reversible. In my opinion a reversible course is reversible as is, not if you have to take away about 60 acres of trees on every single hole in order to make it work.

HOWEVAH… It would probably be a beast of a course. Imagine playing 10 the other way around from 11 tee to 9 green? That would be like 530 up the hill. And 12 would still be hard, with water short right and behind 11 green…

You might be on to something. You should send a to message The Riddler…


So 13 would be effectively left to right instead of right to left? This would probably negate both of Bubbas Green Jackets, because that hole gave him about 4 strokes on the field due to his giant slices… so, One of those would go to Jordan. But wait- we are taking 12 out of the picture - Where Jordan choked twice. So we are basically saying Jordan Speith now has FOUR Green Jackets.

What else ? Does Phil still win all of his? Probably, but if not Lee Westwood is no longer the best player without a major. And Ernie would have a green jacket.


imagine walking up 2 as the 17th hole…my legs would give out


Would Nandina still stink?

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Yes because it would play from 18 tee to 16 green and the approach would be to a green that slopes away from you markedly, with water long. Nandina would still stink!


Keep in mind that:

1- The Old Course was the inspiration behind Augusta’s design in the 1930s.
2- In the 1930s, the Old Course was still played as a reversible routing.

I doubt there was any intent for it to be reversible. Just the design principals used came from a reversible course.


I reckon Nandina would stink even more when approached from the back.


I love this so much. While the reality of it kind of falls apart I saw this headline and thought “Yes Its gonna be a good day”.

  1. This is the best kind of Refuge content IMO.
  2. Playing from 13 tee to 11 green would be legitimately the hardest par 3 in the world. People can’t stop greenside chips from short right of 11 as it is, someone always chips/putts into the water. Imagine coming in with an iron from directly over the bunker! Absolutely diabolical.
  3. If you knocked out all the trees on 11 and behind 10 green it would actually be a sweet hole, 10 green slopes massively R–>L so your second shot coming from 11 fairway would be going into a nice backstop on the green.
    Great thought exercise though

The other par 3 possibilities would be even harder! 17 tee to 15 green would be almost impossible to stop given how that green slopes to the water. You’d have to tee it from the forward tee on 17 and lay up in the bunker, or somehow play a huge flop.

6th green to 5th green (can’t really tee off from 7 tee) would be the most uphill blind par 3 ever to the hardest green on the course. 5th tee to 3rd green? 240 yds to another green slope going away. That would be really cool.

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The slope in 13 fairway would be brutal for right-handed players. It’s so steep and the ball would be so far below their feet. (I know lefties already deal with this when playing the hole in the current direction.) Moreover, I think you’d lose an essential part of the strategy of the hole as it currently plays, which is that the closer you can play to the creek, which is hard to do, the flatter lie you get to approach the green. There’s no benefit to being in that flat spot by the creek if you’re playing to 12 green. You’d be way back and maybe even blocked by trees.

But I do like the kismet of the Old Course vibes. And if you check out what the course looked like when it was built, those tree issues would have been much less prominent on most holes (true at almost all golden age courses when they were built - cross country golf or reversible golf would have been way easier back in the day).


This is a funny line of thinking for the masters. But honestly I was thinking this was just a members type of day out.

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The reverse 10 would play to 18 green, and the revers 1 would finish on 9 green

Fun fact, during the ANGC Jamboree (Member - Member) they have a party the night before the tournament at the members retreat, which is located in the trees in the 12 tee 14 fairway area. For the night of the party we were asked to install a 12" cup in 11 green so the members could hit shots from 12 tee to 11 green. Imagine the money that is thrown around on a night like that.


Sick! Maybe suggest playing Amen Corner backwards and let us know how it goes :grimacing:

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We all thought you died…


Great theory - kind of makes your brain explode if you really go into the details. May not be quite as strategic, but you’d definitely go over some crazy terrain if you played it backwards!

Also the finishing hole (#2 tee to #18 green I think) may not be quite as difficult since it’s be more open coming down that fairway - but might be more open to birdies and dramatic finishes.

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Edited for clarity


Finishing green would be #9. It’s weird thinking about a shot coming in to 9 green from 1 fairway but it works.
#18 green would be played on the reverse of 10 fairway. But yeah it’s a fun thing to think about.

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