Iron Shopping this summer

Looking so some advice from the knowledgeable among you.

I think its about time to replace my Mizuno JPX 825 Pros- they are ~8 years old and getting pretty banged up and grooves are suffering a bit. What irons would people suggest I test/try this summer??

About my game- Currently a 3.7 HCP, lots of distance, launch the ball fairly high, but inconsistent center of the clubface strike and distance control for my HCP I would say. Currently have KBS C Taper S in my irons and love that shaft- would take a lot for me to change shafts. I dont think I should be playing blades, could use something with some forgiveness and definitely dont need “distance” out of this buy.

I was thinking about Mizuno JPX forged, MP-20 MMC/HMB combo set or a Srixon 585/785 combo set. Not a fan of Ping irons at address. Maybe Callaway Apex/Pro or TM p760? Anything else worth trying? Never been a huge Titleist iron fan.

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all of these words are just weird ways to spell Miura


Haha- should have also mentioned that while I have disposable income, I am not made of money. Also, nowhere near me that I could hit some sadly (I checked)

Just switched to an MP20 combo of 4-5 HMB and 6-P MMC. HMB are super easy to hit but slightly thicker at address. Love the feel of all of them. At your cap I’d think you may want to consider the MBs too. Also, if you have nowhere to go hit anything, you might check out Global Golf; I’ve seen that they’ll send you a set to test out for a fee, although they’re limited in the shaft options

Have just got apex forged 19 with KBS C taper have to say I am absolutely delighted with them. If you are a 3.7 then it sounds like the pro is the way to go. Great sound when you hit them

I feel like I don’t hit the center of the club face enough for the MBs- I dont have too much of an ego to think I dont need forgiveness.

I do the occasional lesson with a pro who I like who has an indoor shop with Trackman- he sells Mizunos and Srixon. I can probably hit Callaway and Mizuno and Titelist on grass at my club. Might try to Global golf idea. I have hit a few different mizunos so far.

Also have to decide if I get the GW- I use by current GW from my JPX set since I mostly use it for full swings. I have T7s in the 56 and 60.

I liked the Apexs a lot back when I got my 825s- they were my second choice. Might have to try them again. Thanks

I just got a full set of HMBs. They look a lot like blades but have great forgiveness. I didn’t feel like I was getting the Occasional jumper id get on some of the other hollow muscle irons. Seemed really consistent across the face and strikes.


I endorse this message. I have the HMBs 3-PW, and I’m a huge fan. I play off a 2, and I’d say ball striking is what I’m best at. I give those details only to make the case that I really can’t see the reason to go with the MBs on anything above maybe 9 iron.

I hit these alongside the MBs, and there’s just not enough difference in feel to offset the increased forgiveness of the HMBs. They launch high, so while they may spin slightly less than a blade, you’re not losing stopping power.

Also the 3 iron is an absolute rocket launcher.

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has anyone said miura yet?


I went with a T20 50* and just matched the shaft to my full set, they all blend so perfectly

My only concern with full HMBs to the T20 50* I haven’t played enough to know if there’s a huge yardage gap yet. Hopefully it works decent.

I’ll throw a vote for the T100’s out there. I know you said you’re not a Titleist guy, but you shouldn’t overlook them. They’ve got the feel/forgiveness of the AP2’s, but with an even better shape. The topline is super thin for how easy they are to hit. I was a mizuno fanboy for years until I got fit and jumped on the Titleist train.

I currently have the 718 AP2’s with S Tapers and I’d highly recommend checking out that shaft, as well. I played rifles for two sets and then switched into these and I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

As I always tell my buddy who is an ultra club ho, everyone makes great shit at this point, it just depends on what works for you. :+1:t2:


you should check out Miura


I have a 765/965 combo set and I think the blades are really overrated. The toplines are thick so basically the only benefit is not hitting absolute fliers out of the rough. In general both seem to keep the ball lower, but I would say get fitted. I think I would have done better with the 45s but I got em off eBay.

And as @nandersen said, if I could afford miura, I would! Thinking about picking up some wedges from them to get the party started, I’ve hit the irons but not the wedges!

has anyone said miura? check out the used market


I also use the HMB’s and play off a one. I tried out the MMCs but had much better results and feeling with the HMB’s. Was also previously using JPX’s. Awesome clubs would highly recommend.

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all those are great options, i’ve hit all of them, and they are all really really damn good!

In terms of feel+performance personally I think the Srixons edge out the others because of the sole of the club, and people will grill me for saying this, but they absolutely feel better than the current mizuno irons out (esp the non-blades)

My staunch supporter @nandersen knows that miuras are pretty damn good too, a little higher price point but I do believe you get what you pay for in this instance.

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Srixon’s are killer. I’d love to find a good set of 745’s.

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What’s up h2o, I’m also a 3.7 and just upgraded my set. I was in Cobra Forged Tec Blacks in Paderson Ballistic shafts last season. I switched out because my ss went up 12mph with my 6i and needed something a bit more stiff.

I went to True Spec and got fit for a whole new set. For my irons, I was actually really looking forward to hitting the Mizuno combo set, but at the end of the day, I went with a full 785 set. I’d say I’m a fairly long hitter also and wasn’t going for more distance (191 carry with 6i, 5900 spin).

The 785 have a real cool tec on the bottom of the club that essentially has two soles which I find help when I almost mishit a shot. I’ve gamed them for about 2 months now and absolutely love them.

It came down to the Apex Pro/785 and for me, the 785 just looked nicer at address; small top line but not like a blade, and a size that wasn’t too big but wasn’t small enough to scare you.

Let me know if I can offer any more insight!

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