Iron Recommendations


Been hitting my irons poor lately and have had them for almost 3 year now. They are Ping G30’s and I feel like I’m starting to lose distance with them and can’t hit them very good right now. My handicap is about a 7 but recently it’s been getting worse. Just seeing what people like and what I should try out.


Don’t know about price range but I have the TM M4s and they go much farther than old Ap2s and launch high enough


I am a big cheerleader for the Mizuno JPX line, the newest is the 900 Tour. I personally have the 850’s that I got fitted for a couple of years ago. In my opinion they are the best looking, feeling and hitting irons for the money. You get a forged club that still has the forgiveness of player improvement club, without spending $$$. I’ve hit just about every iron and still come back to them.


Agreed. Should be perfect for a 7 capper too.


I just got the new X-Forged this year and love them. I transitioned from an AP1 and it has been really helpful for me and not difficult because they have such a solid feel. Great spin and trajectory even out of moderate rough, distances are consistent, workable even without flushing it, etc. Worth checking out in a fitting for sure. Also, I think they look great with this really nice dull silver finish.


Go to a fitting and find out what YOU hit the best.

I got fitted for the first time this year and ended up with Cobra Irons, which I had ZERO intention of ever even looking at. But its what consistently worked for me during the session.

Take peer recommendations, marketing, etc out of the mix.


Strong, strong second this statement. If you’re a 7 handicap and are considering spending the money on new irons, pay for the best fitting you can find. Not a must, but I’d suggest a fitter that uses Trackman if possible. It will be the best money you’ve ever spent.