Irish Open (2019 @ Lahinch)

This is going to be a top event of the year for us freaks.

Before diving into this edition, let’s take a moment to appreciate Shane Lowry’s win as an amateur in 2009. One of the coolest golfing moments I’ve witnessed in my 35 years. I’m sure that was a fun night.



You mean the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open


Wonder who brokered the deal


This should be a great tournament. Such an incredible course and will be fascinating watching the pros play some of these holes.

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Nah… as it stands, he’s not playing. To maintain his major-prep schedule he wanted the Scottish & Irish to swap weeks before he’d commit to playing. Scotland said “no”, and he left Ireland holding the bag

Appointment viewing. It’s a shame more of the global Pirma Donnas aren’t playing though. Would love to hear the complaints over blind holes.

Yea I know. It was a joke about Dubai Duty Free being the sponsor and Rory’s in with the Middle Eastern Corporate Elite brokering the sponsorship deal

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I’d missed the news until last week that he was Out & didn’t want any of the others to naively assume he’s playing (like I did).



Did you climb the dune and take that yourself? Was miserable the day we played & caddies pretty-much made us walk around it.

not my pictures, but I was able to climb the dune.

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some pics of the day we played there in tough conditions


Nothing magazine-worthy, but a few of 4 & 6 when we went in ‘15


Got my eyes on a few guys for Portrush tuneup. Long shot plays

Eddie Peps
Brandon Stone
Haotong Li
Ryan Fox
Branden Grace (what happened to him!?!?!?)
Tyrell Hatton
Richie Ramsay
Victor Dubuisson

low-key hyped for this event…

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It always bugs me more guys don’t go over and play these 3 weeks.

Like I get why but it’s always funny to watch all the top players in their Open press conferences talk about how much they love links golf and how pure the golf is over there…

Yeah but you go over for a week, play the Open and come home.


Like many here, I don’t love Richard Flowers (he’s fine), but I do like that he plays the Scottish Open almost every year.

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I wish I could like this 100 times.

I guess file it under welcome to 2019 and the modern tour pro cant be inconvenienced in the slightest. It’s not like commuting to Ireland in 1950.

There are plenty of reasonable accommodations in County Clare, including Trump Doonbeg, which should be a Tour favorite. Right?

Not to mention it’s the best prep for the Open Championship.

I imagine a slight uptick in Scotland next week as it’s one week closer. But hell, no flight needed from Lahinch to Portrush. Stick around for the week and head up North for some extra practice.


With Lahinch being on the menu this week, I would like to share the contrast in Google Earth aerials of it vs. the PGA Tour stop this week at the sticky note open

I enjoy this.


I am guessing no pros will stick the ball directly in the Klondyke like I did there.

But will any pros be able to possibly clear it on their tee ball? Hole plays extremely short, which I learned on my second attempt to clear the Klondyke…