Ireland Trip (looking for 2-4 golfers)

I am currently planning a golf trip to Ireland, arriving the morning of April 25th -> May 2nd. We currently have 8 committed, but we are looking to add 2-4 more guys. We are flying out of Chicago, but would be open to adding a few more guys, which would allow us to hire a mini charter with a driver.

The cost per man would be around 2000 Euro (plus flight and meals, breakfast included). We are going through Swing Golf.

The rough itinerary is: Enniscrone, Carne, Doonbeg, Lahinch, Dooks, Tralee, and Ballybunion.

I can send the full itinerary including hotels, etc from our travel agent at Swing, if you are interested.


What’s the latest notice you’d require? I’m planning on doing a similar trip but was thinking more north and trying to do it for half the cost. The only thing making me a bit interested in joining you is that I’m not sure my friends will commit.

We are going to have to pay a deposit in about a week or so (might be able to stretch it to 2 weeks, but I would have to ask them). The deposit is 25%, and then the remaining balance is due 6 weeks before. Getting people to commit is tough, especially when you need to book tickets, etc.

We picked this specific week as most of the prime rates kick in May 1, and the flights were a great price due to the exchange rate being fairly low now. I actually priced out quite a few options. I would say doing it for half isn’t really possible on your own, but 1,500 euro is doable if you sacrifice a bit. The northern courses are still quite a bit. I did a lot of the leg work to price out going through a travel agent vs. planning on my own and the pricing was about the same.

At the same time, there was quite a bit of difference between the pricing I got from a few different agencies with roughly the same itinerary. If you want to see the full quote, let me know and I can direct message it to you.

Ya i’d be cutting out quite a bit. My current plan has a budget of $550 for golf at: Strandhill, County Sligo (27), Enniscrone, Carne (27). Just planning on modest airbnbs and a rental car… I might add in Donegal Golf course.

Donegal is about half the cost of Sligo. We looked at playing Sligo, but decided on Tralee for basically the same rate.

The Wild Atlantic Way Pass looks like a good way to make it affordable, but I’ll double check.

Just wanted to give a quick update. Looks like we now have 10, and can go as high as 12 guys. After talking with the travel agency, we have until Jan 1 to fill up to 12. So in other words, we have 2 spots left, first come, first serve.

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Great, that gives me plenty of time to see if my own trip will fall through. I’d love to join you if it does.

As of today, we actually have 12 guys committed to the trip. Had a late rush of people that committed. I will you know if this changes! The 4 new guys have until Jan 1 to back out, so I will let you know if anything changes.

If you end up booking your own trip, and have any questions, let me know!

Sounds like a great trip @gotaholen1. I just completed a similar 8-man trip this past summer through Swing. (Enniscrone, Carne, Co. Sligo, Donegal, Ardglass, RCD)

If you’re going to go with a coach and driver (which I highly recommend), ask Swing to get Joe O’Leary as your driver. He is the hardest working, friendliest, funniest, most knowledgeable guy in the business. Examples: while we were playing golf, he a) checked us in to our hotel, b) made a run to the liquor store, c) drove to our previous course to retrieve a lost jacket, and d) brought us cold beers at the turn in Donegal. (Our caddies were almost horrified, asking "Do you know that guy?’) Cannot recommend him highly enough. He really made the trip unforgettable.

Thanks! I will email Swing now and request him! We are already booked through them.

One question… Did you play all 27 at Carne? We have 18 booked there but would really like to play the other 9.

I think Joe works for Kerry Coaches, which is one of the companies that Swing subcontracts for driver services. That may be useful to know if they don’t immediately recognize Joe’s name.

We did play all 27 at Carne. Our thought was that if you’re going all the way out to the edge of the earth to play golf, you’d better take advantage of the opportunity.
It was well worth it. The Kilmore 9 runs through some of the more spectacular sections of the dunes.
If you’re playing on a weekday, they will likely be very easygoing about the tee time for the 3rd nine as well. We played 18, broke for lunch and drinks, and then headed out again.

Cool, I will reach out and see how much more to add that 9! I want to make sure there will be enough daylight as we have an 11:30 tee time (3 groups).

You should have enough time. Sunset in Belmullet in late April is just after 9pm. Check out It is a useful website for figuring out the logistics of tee time planning.

Do you happen to know Joe’s last name?

Joe O’Leary

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If you manage to find him, tell him I sent you. We were his group from Jul 26-Aug 4 last summer.