Iowa Strapped: Bolt to the Bud Tent Blowout--SIGN UP in Post 82, SCHEDULE post 378

Just schedule what works best for you & @ZachR & if I can join, great; if not, no big deal.

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3:50 might make my sphincter clench at a 9/10. The course is very walkable and plays fast. 5:20 would be easier for me to make on time and we have a higher chance of getting @ThatGolfPunk

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I booked for 3 players at 5:30, walking

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If folks are interested in raising additional funds for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital in a creative & fun way, I welcome you to play any & all money games during the Coldwater “warm up round” under the condition that the winner’s proceeds go to the charity. Hell, if I get paired up with @ZachR, I will play him straight up for $25 & gladly get my ass beat by 11 strokes.


you have the WHAT, Michael?

I have the…started a post…new baby needed me…so I accidentally hit post instead of delete.

Merch post will go up tomorrow. I have it all in and will have pics, pricing, and paypal info. Spoiler, its siiiiick. :call_me_hand::+1:



All grab bag items are in and I think looking great. I’ve got Paypal and Venmo, please just include your name or refuge handle so I can check you off the spreadsheet.

It will be $25 for all items. This leaves me a little wiggle room and everything beyond will go to the Stead Family Childrens Hospital. There will be extra stock if you wanted multiple or one for a friend who cant make it. If you wanted to include any additional donation you can do it here as well. I’ll have them bagged up and ready for you at the courses.

VENMO: @mike-ihm
PAYPAL: @ihmm

I will also get back to ppl who ordered shirts additionally.


Hey congrats on the new baby

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Thanks!! Luckily she’s is a milk coma now giving me a quick minute to get back to this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This may be my 1st golf back and I currently have permission to have dad responsabilities put on hold for that weekend so I cant freaking wait.


Here is a 1st proof of shirt for the 13 of us that updated spreadsheet. I’ll give it to the end of the day so if you want one speak now or forever be jealous.


@MerchCzar @Randy @djpie want one?


That’s a big Hell Yeah from me brother

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And thanks for all the work on this, especially with a brand new baby at home


Luckily I had most of it queued up last weekend and shes been a great sleeper so its been all good…so far :grin:


Absolutely, those look great! I really appreciate all the work going in to make an Iowa event happen!


I realize the event will be a very long two days, but if any Nesticles are getting in early and would like to play a practice round at Waveland, have me sherpa them around @ZachR & I’s respectable home track of Jester Park Golf Course, or just meet up for food & beverage on Thursday the 11th; please message me as I took the day off in hopes of providing some Central Iowa hospitality to fellow Strapped aficionados.


Ooh yea looks sweet! Definitely want one of those. Nice work!

Let the salivating begin!


Hell yeah


“Mac n Cheese Party Tray”

I like to party


For reals though, I’m not sure how I’m physically going to be able to fit all the food on that list into my body.