Iowa Strapped: Bolt to the Bud Tent Blowout--SIGN UP in Post 82, SCHEDULE post 378

Meeting of the “minds” tonight with @ZachR and @ThatGolfPunk . Hammered out minor details and have some fun merch ideas were working on. :grin: Stay tuned.


Hypothetically speaking, how much room do we have for extra guis? Might have a few…

I made times for 40. Currently I see 39 signed up.

Hypothetically I could probably make another time or two. Also I bet we have a few drops over the next month. Id say throw them on and well send out another “please confirm your status” post in July. Most places have a 2 week tee time window so we were going to try to have a final list 2-3 weeks prior. :+1:


Had this come up on my timeline. It could be pretty hot in August…


Oof. Like a video made by one of my students (and their friends)…

looks at ground with self loathing

Guis I’ve got to pull my name out of the hat for this one. Girlfriend has alerted me we will be attending a wedding in Colorado that weekend, which I’m sure she probably told me about like three months ago.




You know what Sam Cassell says, “Some guys run their house, some guys run around their house!”


I played Waveland for the first time this year yesterday, and I can report the course is in fairly good condition. The greens are looking very good and although not rolling very fast, the slopes are still quite challenging and gave me fits (so I definitely need more reps there before August). It also occurred to me that we could take a page from Sunday’s GPGC event at Fred R. Ban Us and use the old tee box on #6. Also, can confirm the #6 green is drivable from the new tee box for a fader even with a left to right wind (AND the green can be easily three whacked from 25 feet). I am playing Veenker on Saturday and will post a course update afterwards.


Old tee box on 3!!! Need to get guys saying WTF early.


That would definitely get people’s attention…and probably back up play. However, with the ditch to the right as perpetual GUR, it may be more feasible.

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That hole is a master class in “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks”. I’ve played Waveland I think 4 times in the last 2 years and I think the tee box and hazard was different every time. The ditch being a free drop is a blessing

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Speaking of Waveland, if any of you DSM guis runs across somebody with an MP-14 PW with a white tour wrap and True Temper Proto Monaco shaft (like a metallic bronze color), that’s mine. It was left at Waveland by a very absent-minded friend of mine and never turned up in the pro shop.

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I think everyone should be baptized with the back box on #3 especially since the ditch in the right is permanent GUR. The original #6 tee box was a huge safety concern and I don’t think the hole is diminished with the new tee box

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I can’t remember where I heard that Waveland is a tough walk. Any truth to that?

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Lemme know if you want me to bring the tee markers.

Yes, Waveland is a pretty challenging walk & more so for members of the Push Cart Mafia.


Mostly the first few holes, but it’s a lot of elevation change. I walked it once and it was not enjoyable


I prefer the old tee box on 3 and wish it was used more often. I think its an easier tee shot as the landing zone is much wider than from the tee box down the hill.

Also that lower tee box makes it a pretty short par 5 IMO

So like… NOBODY walks it anymore? Isn’t it like the oldest public course in the western world or something? What did our forefathers do when they played it back in 1600s?!

I’ve never understood this bit. Should be EASIER than carrying. Should be.