Interactions with PGA Tour players


my neighbor is Big Cat’s looper, but I don’t think that counts?



That’s pretty funny - I also got a Trevino ball as a kid (at one of the old tour stops at La Costa before the moved it) - difference is, Trevino air-mailed a par-3 and the ball bounced pretty hard into me, I think he joked “why didn’t you get out of the way?” and flipped the ball to me after he putted out. My Dad really liked Trevino after that, he thought it was hilarious…thanks Dad.


I was at Ryder Cup 2016 at Hazeltine and me, my brother, and my dad are walking along the ropes to get into position to see an approach shot on some hole, and Maltbie was being chauffeured in a cart to get into position to call the action apparently coming up behind us. We were minding our own business and had no idea he was there until he saltily yelled to get out of the way and complained about us not letting him do his job. We all gave them room to drive through, but we were all looking at each other like, “did he really just yell at us like that?”. Nothing to see here really, just a cranky old man that couldn’t be bothered to ask us to move nicely, and I’m sure asking people to move all day gets old since the crowds are huge following only 4 groups on the golf course at RC (we were following Kuchar/Mickelson on Saturday afternoon) but I thought I’d share since you mentioned him


It doesn’t take much to just give a head nod or hey or thanks or whatever. Just because you’re “famous” doesn’t make you exempt to common courtesy. Especially when you’re advertising who you are all over your clothing… Like literally “MIKE WEIR” printed in bold print in multiple places, definitely not incognito. If he was wearing normal clothing or with his family it would be VERY different but he wasn’t. I may be a dick but if another person greets me I’ll acknowledge their existence regardless of who they are or how I’m feeling. That’s my opinion but I appreciate the responses to the contrary as well, next time I see a player at the airport (and I do often, this has been my only bad experience, most just fist bump or nod) I’ll think a little differently.


Guess who:


Charl Schwartzel ?


Nope. Think further back.


I can’t figure out who it is, but that is one sweet popped collar.


Ty Tryon




2013 BMW Championship @ Conway farms.

Heading back to the exit for the day, sun was starting to go down and there are 2 players left on the range and both were walking off. Ernie Els and Spieth. Everyone was crowding around Ernie and there were exactly zero people paying attention to Spieth.

He had recently won the 5th major and lost to Reed at the Wyndham in a playoff so I was pretty interested in some chat time. Couldn’t of been a nicer guy and he was 19 or so at the time? Very mature and said he was still I was awe at that point and pointed to Els and said he’s getting to play with guys that he grew up watching and how cool is that.

He signed my program with his marker (I’m not an autograph seeker) and I told him good luck and I now feel about 70% responsible for his success. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ryder Cup at Hazeltine, forget which hole since they did some re-ordering for the event, but Westwood pumps one well right off the tee during a practice round right by us. It was a hole with a long walk across a different fairway back to the tee so in the practice round the players just took the driver and ball back there and the caddies stayed well down the hole, maybe 100 yards ahead at least. So of course a guy in the gallery by us decides he’s going to get a selfie with Westood’s ball (not entirely sure why that’s cool but whatever). Well the caddie shows up first due to the headstart and is BS-ing with the guy taking a picture and says “here, this will be fun…take my bib and yardage book and I’ll go hide behind a tree before Lee shows up”. So Westwood shows up, not having seen any of this while walking up the hole, to find a random guy wearing his caddie’s bib, holding the bag and fumbling through the yardage book. Don’t recall exactly what he said, but he had a good laugh and ended up taking pictures with the guy and throwing out some pretty good one-liners regarding the situation.

Was pretty cool to see one of the Euro players so loose and engaging with the crowd the day before the Ryder Cup started. Almost felt bad seeing him play so poorly over the course of the weekend.