Interactions with PGA Tour players


Used to date a girl who worked at Under Armour so I’ve met several athletes at various functions. Jordan had just turned pro and was super polite (called me sir, which was weird). Hunter Mahan was cool - he’s a Laker fan and I’m a Celtics guy so we talked NBA for a few minutes.


I used to go every year. I was so interested in the sport and I thought it was the coolest thing. I would go and play Reynolds and the Championship course and just hack my way around. I gave up, and didn’t pick it back up until I was in my early 30’s. Biggest regret ever. Not even sure how those courses are anymore. Last time I was in town I play BR with a buddy and had blast. Played dreadful but still, it was golf so it wasn’t that awful.


At the Sanderson farms a few tour players were staying with 3 families that were all good friends and friends of mine. We all had dinner one night. It was awesome. JByrd, Lovelady, Blayne Barber, DL III, and DL IV were all there.

Each one was super nice and engaging.


They are going to do a semi restoration on the championship course at Tanglewood I heard. I think mostly just fixing up all of the bunkers but still, at least it’s something.


This one is second hand, but it is one of my favorite stories involving a famous person all time, and I honestly wasn’t sure whether to post it here, but why not? My friend’s bachelor party, 2011 time frame, bar hopping in Jacksonville on a bus. I hit up the first few, but had to work the next morning and cut out early. The night ends at Gold Club, which for the non-Jax folks, is a local gentleman’s establishment. The friends all get in line for the ATM, but Jim Furyk is ahead of them in line and empties the ATM, leaving them cashless. One of the friends, as a result of Furyk’s actions, only has nine dollars to pay for a lap dance he received and is forcibly removed from the premises.

Not a PGA Tour player, but my dad took my brother and I when we were 10-12 to an LPGA Tournament, where on the second hold, Dottie Pepper’s caddie holds up a towel in front of her and gets a tube of ointment out of her golf bag for her to apply to her nether regions on the tee, in front of my young brother and I.

I will preface this by saying that up until a few years ago I always looked much younger than I am. Volunteering at the Players several years back, Webb Simpson was a rookie on tour, walks by and offers me his glove and calls me “kid.” I’m older than him.


Saw Mike Weir at the SLC airport, he was wearing a shirt w/ his website and all is sponsors just like if he were in ropes which I thought was funny. He sat right across from me so I gave him a what up and he just stone faced me. I assumed he didn’t hear me so a little while later I tried again and nothing. Just being a dick. So naturally I mocked him for surely being the only Masters Champ flying Southwest to tournaments and showed him my Delta 1st Class ticket (Something like I may not have a green jacket but at least I’m not sitting bitch in the cattle car)… He mumbled something unintelligible and went to get into line haha I actually was a fan of his before this. I realize not making a cut for like 2 years straight wears on a dude but if you’re gonna be all geared out at the airport you gotta embrace when fans come up to you and tbh it’s not like people are mobbing him anyways, I was the only one to approach him the whole time I was there.


Met Brooks Koepka the sunday before the 2016 PGA at Balty (which is right near I live) at the local liquor store. Really great guy and I’ve been a fan ever since. Big Mic ultra guy.


Outside of a tournament venue, I don’t think players have any obligation to interact with fans, especially in places like airports where no one wants to be. You probably should have taken the hint that he wasn’t in the mood to chat after the first time he ignored you and the comment at the end actually reflects worse on you than him. No reason to be a dick because he didn’t want to chat.


Did you ask him what Saturdays were for too?


Your username initials couldn’t be more accurate.


sick burn bro…


Russ is the man. Needs to bring back the visor and luscious hair


I feel like the policy for crossing paths with Tour players (and notable people in general) if they’re going about their routine or traveling is to just leave them alone. Being at the airport sucks enough for everyone


Roger Maltbie- he’s a dick. He drives wherever the hell he wants on the golf course- too out of shape to walk. He thinks he’s big shit and the NBC tv production could give two shits about being a gracious guest at a tour stop.

I worked at East Lake agronomy- and he would trash the course with his golf cart on wet days. Just drives wherever he wants, as fast as he wants- tearing up the golf course and just speaking to people like they work for him and they are inferior to him.

Maybe he was having a bad week. But I don’t like him. I think the b and c list celebrity has been golfers who spend too much time inside the ropes can tend to think their shit doesn’t stink.


Re: crossing paths while traveling/daily routine stuff

I went to the BMW at Conway in 2015 and as luck would have it, stayed at the same hotel that the players were staying in. When getting into O’Hare, I noticed Kevin Streelman waiting at the baggage claim. I introduced myself and he seemed shocked to be recognized. He wasn’t in the event that week but was headed to Chicago to be with friends and family. He couldn’t have been nicer and asked about what I do, why I was there, etc. First class guy.

While staying at the hotel, I would cross paths with players in the lobby. Didn’t really “bug” anyone in particular except to say, “play well” or some small talk with Poulter, Bradley, Harman. All of them were very nice.

Another story: I took my 6 year old son to the Memorial this past year on Wednesday. It’s usually my favorite day to go to see the guys hit different shots in the ProAm and their practice routines. We walk in and the very first group we see is Jordan Spieth on #6. Little man is a big fan and had on his Masters hat. During the hole, there was an emergency in which a man needed medical attention and everyone around the hole was visibly shaken. We had stood near the 7th tee and Jordan walked right up to my son, who was now holding the hat, and asked if he wanted that signed. Really surprised that he stopped quickly to sign his hat before skipping the next hole because their group had fallen so far behind after the emergency. Made my son’s day.


Mike Weir just became one of my favorite golfers after reading this, thanks.


Question - I’m going to the practice round at the Zurich for the first time tomorrow and would love to get photos with my favorites. Is there an optimal time/place to approach them? (after they finish their round, around the range or practice green, etc)


Not only is this more of a knock on you than it is Mike, but I met him at the 2017 Masters.

He and his family came through Berckman’s Place after he had missed the cut. He had his green jacket on, I introduced myself, and talked with him for a couple of minutes about life. He was with his wife and (step?) daughter, both of whom had a definite ego about them, but Mike did not. First class guy who likes to keep to himself. Being an introvert at an airport doesn’t automatically make someone a dick.


Wasn’t he dating Michelle Money from The Bachelor?


Ahhh Berckmans Place…#humblebrag