Interactions with PGA Tour players


About a month or so before Spieth won the Masters I met him at a clinic along with my high school golf team. Wasn’t that many people since he wasn’t widly known to the general public yet. He was pretty cool and was actully pretty funny.


I once watched Poulty throw a guy out at The Players on 17 for some mild heckling. Classic IJP, that asshole.


I was volunteer marshal on the access rope on 18 at the CME LPGA Championship the first day Lydia Ko turned professional. After I took a picture with her and another fan, I told her I thought she’d be a great professional and hoped she’d always remember to have fun. I turned around to put the rope back, and then turned back around to find her a foot away from me with her signed glove in her outstretched hand. She’s been my girl ever since.


Back in high school I worked the player valet stand at the Wells Fargo. Most guys were pretty cool, some were dicks (cough…Bubba…Rory Sabbatini). Spencer Levin smoked a full cig and lit another while he was waiting for his car. Some of the Clemson crew were staying with a Quail member who lived on the course. They just rolled around the whole week in a golf cart. Remember Rickie was really cool and talkative.

I’ll try to remember some more


My sister LOVES Adam Scott and got his autograph when we were at the Masters years ago. Tiger had just come through and signed for a bunch of people (my sister didn’t get his though, oh well) and then moved on and the crowd moved out with him. So there weren’t many people around when Adam came by so he would stop and chat for a minute and chat with anyone left who wanted him to sign. My sister, 15 or so at the time, was speechless. Fortunately I had the wherewithal to ask if he’d take a picture with her, and of course he did. TL:DR version, Adam Scott is great and I’m a great brother.


I’ve posted a few times on this subject i think,

Duff Daddy routinely signs his ball and hands it to kids mid round, he’s super quiet and sneaky about it. Gave my son one in between holes. JT is another one who is super nice, but the person who takes the cake is JT’s dad. My 7 year old son loves Justin Thomas, and thought it was super cool whenever I told him that was his dad following the group. I told him to go say hello if he wanted to, so he did, and ended up taking a picture with him and we went on about our day.

The next day we were following JT again, and out of nowhere I saw a hand smack my son’s hat bill and it was JT’s dad, he had a conversation with my son asking if he liked to golf and what brought our family to Hawaii etc. He got a good chuckle when my son asked if he really coaches JT. I thought it was pretty cool for him to go out of his way and say hello again.


There are a lot of players that throw the ball to kids mid-round, and the kids feel so cool every time they get one. I feel like it never really gets shown on TV, because it’s often not people in contention on the weekend, and people don’t get shown walking from green to the next tee very often, but I find it so impressive that some players will do that just to brighten up a kid’s day.


I went to the Memorial a few years back on a Friday and there was a rain delay at about 4 in the afternoon. Most of the spectators left, but my dad, uncle, and I stayed around because we had tickets to the hospitality tent. Play resumed at about 6 and there were hardly any spectators left on the golf course. I went back on the course to watch they last few groups play while my dad and uncle enjoyed a few cocktails in the hospitality area (I wasn’t 21 at the time). I somehow found myself standing by the green of the Par 5, 15th hole. It was just me and a few of the tournament volunteers on the hole at that time. Adam Scott’s group came through the hole and he was the first to finish the hole. He walked over and stood right by me as he waited for his group to putt out. I wasn’t sure if I should say something or not, so I went with the classic, “good putt Adam”, and he gave me a “Thanks, Mate”. It was also starting to get dark at the time and I was wearing these bright neon-yellow shoes. Before he walked away Adam said, “you could light up the golf course with those shoes”. I thought it was hilarious and to this day have been a big Adam Scott fan.


Last year at the Zurich Classic I was in a pack of people trying to get Jordan’s autograph as he walked off the practice green. While almost being taken out by Greller and Jordan’s bag (my bad, not his), I got the autograph and Jordan said, “Nice shirt” about my Spieth T-shirt. Later during his round, I saw him fist-bump a kid who was wearing the exact Under Armour shirt that he was wearing, and he complimented the kid on it lol. The kid’s face was priceless. My conclusion from these events is that Jordan actually sees the people he’s interacting with and doesn’t look through them, which is a nice trait for someone who often has mobs of people in front of him.


Took my kids to the senior open a couple of years ago. They wanted autographs so they I told them to hang out by the range with hats/pens. It was Totally different than a PGA tournament —there weren’t any other kids doing it so the pros seemed genuinely excited to come up to them and talk to them for a few minutes. Jay haas and Tom Watson went out of their way to get to them and chatted them up for a while! which is hilarious because they had no idea how big of a deal that is…


I got a ball from Tom Watson when he was playing in KC’s old Senior Tour event. I was about 10 at the time, and remember very little about it except that Tom had bogeyed the hole. Obviously a bad hombre trying to pass off a cursed ball to a child.


Yeah I followed him at the Houston Open this year and he would interact with people during the round even if it was extremely short and causal.


Two stories from the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles and one from Open.

In practice, Stephen Gallacher pulled one into the crowd, didn’t shout fore, hit a guy next to us between the shoulder blades. It looked like it hurt, but they guy seems ok and the Marshall says to him “stay here by me and I’m sure Mr Gallagher will sign something for you”. Up walks Stephen, doesn’t check if he hit anyone, took one look at his ball which was on the cart path, says “I’m not playing that” kicks it onto the fairway and off he goes.

Next day, Ryder Cup proper, Big Phil M pulls his tee shot on the same hole into the crowd. He comes over, says “Good Morning everyone, hope you having a good day, I didn’t hit anyone did I” which he hadn’t. Played a great 2nd and we all cheered. Class Act.

At Turnberry in 2009, on the Friday, the weather was weird, sunny and warm one minute, cold and wet the next. Some guy had bought an ice cream and then the weather took a turn for the worse. Henrik Stenson was walking down the fairway close to the ropes. He goes over to ice cream guy and says “ Ice Cream, in this weather? You’re mad!” laughs and walks off down the fairway chuckling and shaking his head.


Next day, Ryder Cup proper, Big Phil M pulls his tee shot on the same hole into the crowd. He comes over, says “Good Morning everyone, hope you having a good day, I didn’t hit anyone did I” which he hadn’t. Played a great 2nd and we all cheered. Class Act.

Maybe someone doesn’t like him as a person for some of the off-course stuff, but between previous stories, videos, interviews, etc. and then you add stories like this, how can anyone not LOVE Lefty the golfer?


Ryan Moore was a really nice guy the two interactions I have had with him 10 years apart. Once when he was a stud at UNLV playing the NCAAs at Caves Valley. Then ten years later I saw him at the bar at Boston Golf Club. He was chatting the bartender up about IPAs and seemed down to Earth.

Pat Perez was kind of a dick when I met him. Ken Duke too.

Vijah Singh yelled at my 11 year old brother at Congressional for trying to swipe a range ball he saw by the tree line at the end of the range about 20 years ago. Very much what you would expect.

Bill Haas as nice as it gets.


I enjoyed my one interaction with Pat. He was coming off the 2nd at Sawgrass and my idiot brother goes “nice birdie, Pat” and he responds with “thanks man but that was a par, a very shitty par” with a smile on his face


2014 US Open at Pinehurst my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I were able to snag seats in the shade next to the Par 3 9th green. Jordan Spieth pulled one a little bit and after it rattled through the trees it ended up right under my wife’s chair… everyone’s freaking out by us because Jordo was the up and coming young kid and would be playing a shot right next to us from the pine straw. When Spieth got up to us he apologized and said “Sorry I hit your chair M’am”.

Wasn’t anything crazy but it was a cool experience and he was super polite. The best thing about this was that this was my wife’s first golf tournament ever and she’d never even watched golf before. After that moment Spieth became her favorite and she watched him win the Masters with me the following year and was super happy for him. Now, she’s addicted to golf just like me.

I guess you can say Jordo made my wife a golf fan that day and for that, I will forever be thankful!


One of my earliest golf memories…one of my earliest memories period…was at the 1993 Vantage Championship on the Senior PGA Tour circuit. I was 5, and my hometown of Winston-Salem (well, Clemmons), NC was hosting at Tanglewood Park - Championship Course. Tanglewood hosted the 1974 PGA Championship won by Lee Trevino by one shot over Jack.

I was standing by the 15th green (not that I knew it was the 15th green at the time) right on the ropes by the path where players walk to the 16th tee. Dad strategically positioned me there hoping I’d get up-close to the action and the players walking by. Smart man, my dad.

We watched a few groups go by, and most got a smattering of applause from what I recall. But when Trevino hit up the to the green, everyone applauded a little more loudly, showing appreciation for him on a golf course where he’d won a major just 19 years prior…recent enough for it to still be in the collective memory for many of the folks there, I’m sure.

Dad leaned down to my level, pointed out Trevino, maneuvered me a little closer, and told me that if he holed the putt, make sure to say “Nice one, Lee!” as he walked by.

Well he did, and I did. Trevino looks me dead in the eye and says “Thanks, Big Guy!” and hands me the ball. I’m sure I made the classic “kid that just got a golf ball face” to my dad and he also had a huge smile on his face. He gave me a low five and told me to put the ball in my pocket until we got back to the car. I hung on to that thing like my life depended on it. Couldn’t wait to show it off to my mom. Took it for show and tell in my kindergarten class. The whole 9 yards.

It’s sitting in my dad’s home office. I don’t remember when I gave it to him for safe keeping, but we both have such a cool memory from that day. I’ll never get the chance to thank Lee Trevino for that in person, but I hold him in very high regard for giving me that memory with my dad. The Merry Mex, indeed.

Post script: He went on to win that week. I was there for the second round, and I’m not sure when I figured it out that he won. But I’m a believer in karma so I’d like to think that he got some good juju for making that random kid’s day.


Shoutout Winston-Salem! Love it.


I met Beef Johnston after the 2017 Auburn vs. Georgia game outside of Toomer’s Drugs. I didn’t know his caddie was an Auburn alum at the time and it was very confusing to see him there. Beef is much shorter in person than I imagined. He happily took a picture with us, seems like a pretty cool guy.