Interactions with PGA Tour players

I read about how Rickie Fowler dedicated his round yesterday to a young man who passed away last week and was a big Rickie fan. Rickie seems like a class act.

Anyone have any good stories from meeting any PGA tour players? I know they’re human like the rest of us, but it’s fun to sometimes hear some “behind the scenes” stories.

I went to the Phoenix Open about 15 years ago when I was in high school and watched Phil shoot 60. We went to get his autograph after his round and he signed for every single person who wanted an autograph and was super nice to everyone, just like he appears to be on tv.

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Vijay Singh at an Outback Steakhouse and then a local gentlemens club. Really nice guy.

Two years ago at the Canadian Open had the opportunity walk inside the ropes with Michael Thompson and Robert Streb. Thompson and his caddie were awesome guys, great chatter for the entire round. Streb and his caddie weren’t very nice - i get being dialed in during your round but even afterwards they weren’t having any kind of conversations


I was at the Chevron World Challenge when it was at Sherwood back in 2010 & at the putting green Matt Kuchar walked up to these kids wanting autographs saying “hello children” in a very Matt Kuchar voice which is pretty on brand for him


Not a player but coaches. Prob going back 10 years but was playing in a pro am at Turning Stone and Mike Bennett and Andy Plumber helped me with my swing when they didn’t have to. They were working with Dustin Johnson that week (before his 1st win) and I was lucky enough to be near him and when they were done they came over and helped me. Even to this day I still work on those same things Mike and Andy helped me with.

Practice round at the Pga championship at Kiawah —wore a Razorback cap and thus chatted with Daly for awhile about all things Arkansas.

About 15 years ago, I spent a day skiing with Chris DiMarco and his family in Colorado (long story as to how I found myself in this situation). While riding the lifts, I had a lot of time to talk with DiMarco, and we covered all sorts of topics (golf related and otherwise). He couldn’t have been a nicer, cooler, more generous dude. Just a classy guy who likes to have fun, spend time with his family, and enjoy life.

Been rooting for the guy ever since.


Girlfriend and I met up with her roommate at a bar in NYC a number of years ago. The roommate had met some guys at the bar who were in town for the weekend. We hung out drinking beer at a booth with them for about an hour and one of the guys pulled me aside and said “Russell is a professional golfer, he plays on tour…” I said bullshit! The same shaggy haired bro I’ve been hanging out with shooting the shit the last hour?? He said “Yea he played in the Master’s last year but he doesn’t like to bring attention to himself” NFW. “If you don’t believe me google it.” Sure enough, it was Russell f*ckin Henley (Before he was well known)

We didn’t discuss it further, but all decided to go to a club. Initially they wouldn’t let a group of dudes with 2 girls in so he bought us all a table/bottles and we proceeded to party together the next few hours. Russell quietly Irish exited while his friends assaulted his credit card. I always regret not talking golf with him but I didn’t want to be “that guy”. Russell was honestly one of the nicest, quietest most down to earth guys you could possibly meet. Been a huge fan of his since and now a fan for life.


2004ish in Greensboro Freddie Jacobson was on the practice green looking at his phone. My buddy says “hey we have the same phone can I have your number?”

Freddie looks and smiles and says, “what are you, gay?”

10/10 moment


Champions Tour event a long time ago. I decided to go to a long par 3, and when I approached the stands a marshal there ushered a bunch of us to sit on the ground, up against the grandstand. We were probably 15 yards off the green. Bob Eastwood hits his tee shot way long, hits the back of the green, bounces hard, and ends up striking me in the left knee. It didn’t hurt, but did take a nasty bounce left about three yards into some rough.

The caddy starts basically sprinting towards the green (which seemed like a classic mis-club situation) to come find the ball. At this point, the marshal has not asked any of us to move, so we are still sitting there, with me the closest, just a few yards from the ball. So, Eastwood gets to the ball, and he’s clearly pissed, grumbling under his breath. After a few moments he comes over and stands right in front of me and starts telling me I’ll have to move. Then he looks right at me at says, “What in the hell are you even doing here in this spot anyway?” Without hesitation I just replied, “Me?, What are you doing in this spot?” Needless to say I got ushered off the hole. I didn’t get kicked out, but the marshal did tell me I would be wise not to follow Mr. Eastwood’s group.


In 2009 went to a practice round of the BMW Cog Hill #4 Dubs with my dad his buddy and my father in law and my 3 month old daughter. We had a good time. As I am pushing my daughter along in a stroller my father in law notices DLIII walking near the rope line all by himself. He grabs my daughter out of the stroller and proceeds to run her up to DLIII. He presents her, ass first to the future Ryder Cup captain. The baby girl is wearing a cute outfit that includes white pants, my father in law is asking Davis Love III to sign her butt. DLIII looks over my FIL’s shoulder in my direction, I just shrug and he proceeds to sign. I did get a good photo of him signing and still have the pants, I think they are going to get framed and go on the basement wall as we are finishing it at the moment. My FIL is a nut but it got a good laugh out of DLIII.


was at TPC a few years ago on a Wed practice round, late in the afternoon with most people headed to the clubhouse to get seats for Military Appreciation festivities. Scot Stallings and Boo came up 16 tee and there were about 10 people standing around, while they waited they just walked around and talked to everyone, asked where they were from, if they were enjoying themselves, signed anything and everything. My wife had never been to a tournament and she asked a couple questions and they answered with “Yes Ma’am and no Ma’am.” Really nice and respectful guys, have always been a fan of Boo, and now am just as much a fan of Stallings, wish they were on leader boards a little bit more.

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I worked on the Disney season of Big Break, the one where Tony Finau lost to Mike Perez (Pat’s brother) in the finals. He absolutely obliterated the golf ball back then too. Been following Tony’s journey for awhile now, so it was extremely cool to see all the attention he was getting at Augusta last week. I was probably the youngest guy on the crew so he always made it a point to chat with me when we weren’t shooting.

Everything you saw last week is genuine, he’s a great guy. He’s going to get another win or two here soon, he’s got so much talent.


Played in a junior match play tourney against Stallings and can attest to this. He is a genuinely nice guy. Down to earth and gracious. It was a stress free match that we both enjoyed. Big fan!

I was casually following Charley Hoffman at the Northern Trust last year on a Saturday morning. There were maybe three other people around apart from the volunteers. I guess that’s the closest thing I have to interaction with a Tour player.

I’ve met Stephen Ames multiple times, some good, some ehhhh. I may have made a 9&8 joke once but that was when I was a douchey kid, I’m still a douche but I’m a man now.


My cousin-in-law was on the Tour for a few years so I would follow him every time he played at Riviera. One year he was paired with Paul Casey on both Friday and Saturday so I spent two full days following their group, and Casey is a complete class act. Very funny guy, open with the fans, engaging with the kids that were around, and a lot of fun to be around. Have been a big Casey fan since then.


Tom Byrum played out of the club I grew up at. It was always impressive to watch him grinding on his game. He was very gracious with members that bordered on fanboying him on the range. My family was out at Pebble Beach in 2015 when the Senior Tour was out there and his wife recognized us in the gallery and said hello. He rinsed his approach shot on 18 and fell out of contention so she graciously excused herself.

I met Steve Elkington once at the same club. This was back when Dick Harmon was still alive and teaching out there. All I remember about Elk are his gator skin FootJoy classics. Saucy shoes, but a bit of a curmudgeon.

A couple years ago at The Masters with my dad, early into Thursday’s round we watched Mark O’Meara stick an approach to about 4 feet on 9. Pretty good ovation from the crowd as he walked up, being a past champion and all, but my dad decides to wait until the crowd quieted and then say, “Great shot, Mark.” Mark looks right at him and goes, “Hey thanks, I’m pretty happy with that, I’ll tell ya that much.” We thought it was damn cool that Mark acknowledged him to such an extent, and the way he said it was like they were long-time buddies. From then on my dad has always referred to him as “my good friend Mark.”


Born and raised in Columbus, I’ve attended the Memorial several times. Went with my dad on a Friday one year, probably 11 or 12. I remember watching 14 green and 15 tee. Paul Azinger came thru and gave me his tee he used off 15 tee. Thought it was pretty cool. Several years later saw him getting dinner wit his family at a local pizza place near Muirfield.

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So this year at the Valspar waiting for our ride out of the resort my friend, his wife, and I found ourselves right outside the player lot as guys were being shuttled to their cars. All the sudden we realized it and kinda of hung out for a little bit. As the carts would roll up we’d do our best to identify who it was, and say “Hey, good round” or whatever. Most guys waved and said Thanks. Adam Scott was overly nice and enjoyed my “Lets go Aussie” and Keegan bradley threw my buddy a fist bump. We refer to them only as “Our good friends, Adam and Keegan” now. Your dad going with “My good friend, Mark” has me laughing my ass off right now.

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