Insurance Adjuster Golf Crew!

Any Cat Adjuster or IA’s that get after it on deployment or run dailys but loop a weekly 18 somewhere new every once in a while?


Best of luck to that who can!

Was a CAT for 4 years with Nationwide, took my clubs on the road twice but only managed to hit the range with them.

I was on CAT with Allstate and just could never convince myself to bring the clubs. Flying to basically every deployment was great for travel, not great for bringing extra stuff like clubs.

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I usually drive to deployments and I am 100% independent so I usually schedule myself a day off in the middle of the week to relax. I have never taken my clubs but I feel thats a great way to play cool golf courses that I pretty much would’ve never played. I guess the #strappedboys inspired me with this one.

Not an adjuster, but I may give up my career as a broker after considering these possibilities…!

I left medical device sales for this career and I’m not looking back!

If any of you work for companies that write GL policies (especially construction-related) in Florida and want to be wined-and-dined by yours truly, slide in the DMs.

If I bring cases against insurance companies, does that count?


Wish I wrote policies! I wouldn’t mind getting bourboned and dined. But, unfortunately I just do the third party claims adjusting. I have nothing to do with the policy.

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I’m sure some of your clients are UPC customers. Lol.

Always loved customers threatening to sue. Little did they know it actually made my job easier, got to transfer the file and potentially get a paid vacation to go to court.


Yessir! I get to bill for pre-deposition and the actual deposition. Thanks for suing!

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Anybody of you guys going to the west coast of Florida? I’ll probably take my clubs after the first week of claims handling.

Unbelievable I found my people here! Not usually CAT, but IA in Canada.

Probably wont make it down to CAT work there but popped my head in to say howdy from a fellow Insurance :nerd_face:!


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NIce! I wont be playing much golf this year with all these hurricane claims. But, I’ll take the extra income.

I do Large Loss Farm and Ag in midwest and plan to bring clubs with me this year.

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I got plenty of work to keep me local in South Florida for the next 2-3 years so I will be doing the local loops once a week. Always take a golf trip with the buddies once in a blue moon, but we are all adjusters so its usually for NACA or another convention or industry meeting.