Indoor putting mats

I’m in the market for a putting mat that I can roll up and put in the corner of my office at the house or in a closet. I searched for a few minutes in here but couldn’t find anything related to reviews more of show and tell with larger putting greens indoors and out.

Does anyone have experience with any of these greens:

Perfect practice

I’m concerned with two potential issues, rolling it up for storage and also not creating a lane on the surface from running hundreds of putts along the same line.

I’m currently leaning to the PuttOut along with using their “cup” to practice in the winter, and we just had our first kid so getting out for an hour for golf is questionable at best. I think i’ve seen ZB using it on Instagram stories.

I have this one.
Works great and rolls up easily.


Have you noticed the edges rolling up when laid out?

That’s my biggest concern, after being rolled day after day the edges may roll up or down depending on how it’s stored.

Tons of info here.


As bonus information, Birdie Ball now has outdoor putting mats. They are more expensive than the indoor ones, but not by a terrible amount.

Haven’t had any issues with it.
I’ll try it out later today. It’s been rolled up for a couple weeks.

After a few weeks of being rolled up:


Nice. How does it roll, speed wise?

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I have the putt out and love it.

Pretty fast. I would guess 11-12 stimp.

I have a Birdieball in my garage and my kid is all over it and various other things. Like people have said, it will get indents from things but overall its not terrible. I put that thing through the ringer and it keeps on ticking.

Anyone have experience with permanently installed indoor putting green carpet/turf? I have about an 12’ x 12’ area in the basement I’ve been given to build a putting green. Since we’re re-carpeting the whole basement, I’ll be able to install this right on top of the concrete floor - was thinking of building something relatively permanent. I’ve looked at BirdieBall, but am concerned about using them for a built-in, vs just laying on top of the floor.

Everyone talks up pro putt systems, but that will be a few G’s to install. Anyone have any experience with other carpet types or synthetic putting green carpet that wont break the bank to install?

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Alternative: get a puttout mat and take the money she would’ve let you spend on this and buy clubs instead

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Now there’s strategery.

I already have a 13’ wellput, I could just stick with that. But bored of flat straight putts that line me up automatically. Was hoping to have some room to actually have to line up and work on line myself


I have the PuttOut matt and the pressure putt target they make too. The edges barely roll up, as I store it in the cardboard tube it comes in. The matt rolls about a 10 on the stimp and I find it rolls very smooth. I put the pressure putt target at the end, so its about 10 ft of putting surface. You don’t stand on the matt but that has never been a problem. I originally went with an amazon putting mat, but it honestly was as cheap as I paid for it and I returned it. The fuzz texture made the speed totally different depending on direction, and the slower speed was so slow it was worthless practice.

I really enjoy my Puttout mat. Rolls true and a great practice speed.

+1 on the Putt-Out and I also have a Birdieball in the basement. Both are awesome.

I’ve had two Big Moss greens—work great and flatten out well.