In London, anyone care to play tomorrow?

Hey hope this is an appropriate place to post this but I’m an American from San Diego visiting my in-laws in London this week. I brought my clubs, was hoping to golf tomorrow morning. Anyone in the area free for a game? I’m about a 12 handicap and willing to take the tube anywhere need be to play a decent course! #london #britishgolf


Check these threads for inspiration on which courses to visit and the Refugees based in London. We’ve been pretty good at managing to find someone to join up with visitors.

Paging @The_Cad_Says; @OneLondonGolfer; @doublecross; @Homer24; @troublelove

Shit, I can’t do tomorrow I’m afraid. I’m playing on Sunday though if you’re free then?

If you end up on your own and want somewhere to play that isn’t waterlogged at the minute, either head down to the Surrey sand belt or check out Sandy Lodge. It’s built on sand and is a Vardon design. It’s also less than 100 yards walk from Moor Park tube station.

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Where in London are you staying? There may be something easily reachable via cab or overground train…

Would have played but too short notice! Hopefully you’ll get to play somewhere decent, although most courses are pretty wet and miserable at the moment.


My home course is a bit wet at the moment, but, ff you can get the train to Woking (25 mins from Waterloo), we can play Woking GC at 9am for £70.

I can pick you up from the train station, you’d need to get there by about 8am at the latest.

Woking is a little gem, dating back in 1893. One of the 3 old 'W’s of Surrey. Top 30 in the England rankings and top 70 UK.

Let me know if you fancy it.


I’m at work tomorrow unfortunately- if you can get to Woking that’s a great shout. (Hope you’re well @tedscott)

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If you don’t take up this offer @Hopper58 then something is wrong.


You too my dude!

100%! Messaging you now!


@Hopper58 and I managed to meet up and enjoy a beautiful morning of Anglo/ US relations at Woking GG on Surrey’s sandbelt.

Course was a bit wet but you can see why it was a reference point for so many of Colt’s and Fowler’s designs.

Great fun and thank you to Refuge for making it happen.



I think it is. There’ve removed a lot of trees up there recently.

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It is 11. They have removed a huge amount of trees and the course looks better for it.

I managed to airmail the green on 14th and hit the club house. Was a bit of a shock to me and the painter who was working on the windows at the time. :man_facepalming:


Where did it end up? The clubhouse is in play, including the interior. Until a couple of years ago the roof of the clubhouse was also in play!

It finished off under the scaffolding by the right bay window.


If Woking is wet then most of England is flooded!

Great to see the refuge delivering again. Would have joined if it wasn’t for work