Improving the Boring Captain's Choice


Most of the opportunities I get to play lately have been in captain’s choice events for work. They are the worst. a 6+ hour round where you really are not able to get into any kind of groove and I haven’t found a good game to play within this format. Can anyone help me out with something to make these rounds more fun to play?


If you know everyone in the group and don’t care to try and win and do all the gimmicks just play and use a best ball score. You won’t win but it’s way more fun. Otherwise, I’d like to know too because I play in a few of these a year and have the same feelings.


Like @tigersfirehydrant said, if you know the group and can convince them to not play to win, there are some alternatives. The convincing part can be easy if you know there is a stacked team that is going really low and your team has no chance. Reverse scramble, shamble, Florida scramble, Texas scramble and elimination all come to mind.

Otherwise, I don’t know of any games that you can play by yourself, while still competing in the scramble. Maybe keep track of how many of your shots were taken for the group and try to beat your own record?


Never really heard anyone complain about a corporate scramble before. Enjoy the free food, free beer, and the fact that you aren’t in the office. If you want side bets within the group, keep track of how many shots are used by each player.


That’s brilliant. Unless you have a stacked team that won’t win anyway because people cheat until they can’t cheat anymore in those things. You may as well play the course because you sure aren’t going to hole up anyone.