I'm X Handicap but Never Broken Y

My handicap has been dropping fairly steadily but I’m a position where my handicap is at 19 but I’ve never shot a 91 (93 is my all time low). This is mostly due to me posting my best scores on par 3 and executive courses. I’m wondering how common this is…

So, what say you?

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I’m an 8.5 handicap and I’ve never shot a par 18 hole round. I’ve shot an even par 9 holes a few times, but I’ve never shot par anywhere. I’ve also never had 9 holes of under par golf.


So are you saying your not great at driving the ball? Seems off that it’s even possible to maintain a regulation handicap without playing par 4s or 5s. Why do you tend to not play a longer course?

I’m a 13.7, I once made the turn -2 but didn’t break 80. I’ve broken 80 once (78), so I’ve never broken 77.

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Kind of similar. I am a 6.7 but my lowest is 74 (+3). I have shot par for 9 twice and broken it once.

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I don’t carry a handicap. I’ve never shot even par on 9, or 18. Best round is a 78, but I shot like 93 at a very easy golf course two weeks ago. It all depends on what guy shows up that day.


I play longer courses as well but they tend be the scores that end up getting culled from the calculation. I play just enough par 3 courses (and tend to crush them) to skew it. And yes, my biggest issue is getting off the tee on par 4 and 5s.

I’ll one-up @xthrubyx with: I’m a 5 and I’ve never shot even par. 73 (+2) is my best round. I also have a 94 in my last 20 rounds. Golf is weird.


God damn, that’s wild!

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I’m a 9.9 (livin’ on the edge) and the lowest I’ve scored is a 77, which I guess seems about right. I think the lowest I’ve been though 9 is +1, which was the same round as the 77. I’m not hitting it awesome this year but I’ve also eliminated detrimental misses for the most part, so playing some very consistent golf.


Another fun question might be what is the largest gap in two consecutive rounds that you have had?

Mine is 14 right now. 77-91 this year and 96-82 last year.


13 this year, 80/93.

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Well this made me fucking sad.


Mine is 16. The aforementioned 94 was on a golf trip with some buddies this summer. I shot 78 the previous day.

Went too hard that night, eh?

Here’s a fun streak from 2016:

97 - 77 - 89 - 95 - 85 - 78


I’m a 10.8 and have only broken 80 once, and it was a 78 on a par 70.


Last year after laboring through a month of the shittiest golf, I woke up and shot 45 at Downers Grove in the morning then went and shot 79 at Springrbook to break 80 for the first time.


I’ve been trending down this year, from a 16.4 to a 9.9 a week or so ago to a 10.6 now…I’ve shot quite a few low 80s rounds, but never broken 80. My lowest round is an 81. My lowest 9 is 36, and I have another 1 over 38 on the same course. Shot a 97 the other day(tested a new driver and shaft and probably should have put it down sometime during that round)…My M-O is to have jekyl hide 9s…39-47…stuff like that.


I’m similar, currently 8.3. My best score is 76, which I shot 5 years ago and have shot it 4 times at 4 different golf courses. I’ve shot even par on 9 holes numerous times and broken par (-2, 34) once.

What’s your PR?