"I'm more worried about Rory McIlroy's golf game right now than Tiger Woods'" - PGA Tour Live Broadcaster


Was watching the WGC Mexico Championship on PGA Tour Live earlier this morning and heard this quote from one of the broadcasters. Is this analysis warrented? Are people forgetting that Rory started the year with 2nd and 3rd place finishes in UAE?

What are everyone else’s thoughts on the McIlroy situation?


Brandel was going hard on Rory yesterday as well. Rory’s results have been less than ideal in the last year, but it’s not like he’s missing cuts left and right. If I had to stake my bankroll on who is going to have a better year on the PGA Tour in 2018, Rory or Tiger, I’ll take Rory EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.


Heard that too and let out an audible chuckle for the office cohorts around me. Although, in the short term lead-up to Augusta, I can’t say I disagree. Consider the full season, however, and I think it foolish to bet on Rory having a worse year than Tiger. Today anyway.


I didn’t hear what was said on PGA Tour Live but that was the quote from Chamblee and Duval’s segment yesterday but entirely possible the crew today was just echoing that sentiment.

Media and fans alike in golf now all suffer from recency bias, it wasn’t that long ago the guy won the Fedex Cup. Played a skeleton schedule last year and obviously the injuries/off course stuff going on as well (clubs, wedding, etc…) so was almost a throw away year.

With that said, his game with an iron or a wedge in his hand is not where it needs to be. Putting has looked improved (top 25 SG at Honda) except for his Poa struggles. If he can dial in the approaches the wins will come back.


Meh, it’s part of the narrative. Tiger is not broken so they need to find some other big time guy with ‘struggles’


I’m surprised there hasn’t been more “what’s wrong with Jordan Spieth” takes so far this season


I think the big thing is Rory’s massive ability - we’ve all seen what he’s done (Congressional and Valhalla notably for me). Rory has the game to shut everyone down but I’m not sure the drive is there to crush everyone each week. We got spoiled by having our version of Jordan with Tiger, who has an insatiable appetite for victory along with ridiculous skill. Rory will be fine but I think the guy has such a real playing-life balance that he will never achieve the stomp on your throat level like Tiger did, which I think is awesome. He will win again soon (when he wants to), and I can’t wait for it. Golf with him, DJ, Thomas, Spieth, etc., is so damn fun to watch.


I think it’s because its painfully obvious. Outside 12 feet, everything he hits looks like it’s tracking to the cup. Inside 12 feet, he’s worse than usual, which is already bad. When he putts well from short, he wins.


100% agree. Rory’s poor putting in recent years is also a result of his steady decline in his short irons and wedge play.

At the Genesis Open, Rory had a total of 30 wedges over the 4 rounds. From the fairway with a wedge in his hand (100-150yds), Rory completely missed 6 greens WITH A WEDGE. He also missed another 4 greens from the rough WITH A WEDGE. That’s a total of 10 MISSED greens with a WEDGE, so 33.3% miss rate. He made 6 bogies as a result. This is not far off a regular 15hc level of wedge play performance.

Rory’s 125-150yds Wedge Performance:

• 2017 = T190 = 0 wins
• 2016 = T63 = 3 wins
• 2015 = ??? = 4 wins
• 2014 = T11 = 4 wins + 2 majors
• 2013 = T153 = 0 wins
• 2012 = T5 = 5 wins + 1 major

See a trend? Coincidence?… Rory needs to get better with his scoring wedges - and quickly!


Get that mans an intimate relationship with Trackman like DJ has


I don’t question Rory’s drive. I think it’s obvious that he wants to be the best in the world. Rather, Rory’s confidence definitely ebbs and flows, in large part based on how he’s playing. Even Harrington made mention of this during that interview with Rory last month and Rory agreed. When Rory is confident, he blows away the field. When it dips, he top 25s.

He’s still a generational talent, but confidence is a fickle beast. Some guys just have it at all times, others ride it for a while and lose it. I just hope Rory finds some this year and goes on another heater for a couple of months through the major season.


One Rory take I haven’t heard, is that his friend/caddie isn’t a pro. (he is better at golf then I am though) I think that he needs someone to help him with the scoring clubs- it is really hard to talk about the caddie relationship. But he’s not like DJ/ and his brother, who wants to be in control and focus on feel. Just from watching Rory, I think he wants to talk through his shots, and be a more cerebal golfer.


I’ve been staring at my phone for too long trying to make a “sitting in the hall of fame” reference and I can’t do it.


Rory’s back 9 today has to squelch any worries we had. Five tweeters in his last six holes.


You know Brandel is going to reply to any criticism with the following -

“I said Rory needed to work on his putting and he did - look what happened! He won! I was right.”


This thread is what I thought of when Rory went on that run yesterday. I am so here for Rory playing like that


Well that was a short thread… here’s the key difference:

API Final Rd Hole 16: Rory = 375 bomb to fairway for Birdie = Greatness (Not worried)
API Final Rd Hole 16: Tiger = 321 bomb to OB for Bogey = Choke (Very worried)


In summary: Brad Faxon is a wizard.


Great to see Rory putting so well but just as importantly his approach play was also much improved. Bodes really well for the Masters and the rest of the year.


Anyone know how many feet of putts Rory made in his Sunday round at the API? Even considering the back nine chip in, and one or two near misses from long range, I suspect he made over 200ft.