If Clubs Were Cars


Callaway is Buick - for old people but trying their hardest to look sporty and cool. Shoot me.


Funnily enough, I did think about Buick. And a few years ago I’d have agreed. But they’ve upped their game in the last 5 years. The social content frankly kicks everyone else’s ass.


Audible laugh. Brilliant.


These are pretty dang good, especially Cleveland/Chevy. I drive a Chevy Silverado, but I do live in Texas and occasionally have to toss stuff in the back and drive places. It’s very reliable for that and pretty much that alone. Much like my Cleveland wedge, which is money from 110-100 yards and useless in every other context.


This is a hot take. @The_Cad_Says I approve of your first post and support your analogies as a slave to the car industry, long standing car enthusiast and golfer.


Somewhat off topic, but can you imagine if one of these club manufactures would hire a brand spokesman like the Chevy guy to appear in all their commercials? How fast would their sales drop like a rock?

I’ve been with Verizon for 10 years and legit considering jumping ship solely because of the Verizon guy. Also not planning on buying a Chevy any time soon.


Toyota & Lexus same thing. Nailed it.
Play Mizuno’s (not forged blades, however. need to get single digit first) . Drive a Tacoma.

Also, Audi’s suck. Have owned them and sold them gladly back.


Currently driving an '83 land cruiser and playing Mizunos. I feel seen.


Oh I definitely see you :no_mouth:


What does it say about me as someone in their twenties who likes Callaway? I’m considered by friends to be an old soul, or they put it more kindly as an “old man”.

My bag is a mix of old clubs (high school) and hand-me-downs. Titleist driver, Callaway 3-wood, irons, and wedges, and cap it off with a Cleveland putter.


It says you drive a Buick, left to you in your grandmother’s will.