Ideas/Wishes for Contests, Prizes, etc


Can we have a catch-all thread for contest ideas, prizes, wishes etc.?

Also, I have a few ideas for prizes, so I am just going to lay them out here:

Round of golf with a Callaway Staff Pro and member(s) of NLU
(This serves three purposes. 1) A podcast interview possibility with the Tour player. 2)Video content of the round. 3) Winner could also be a guest on a podcast.)

Get fitted for a set of clubs at Callaway HQ
(Again, video content and podcast opportunity)

Golf crossover contest - Play an architecturally significant course with Andy from the fried egg and NLU member(s) (Again, video content and podcast opportunities)

Help design something for the NLU Pro Shop

(Future Prize – as this only applies to a very limited geography as of now) – Three-month subscription to Access by BMW (


Can’t believe this didn’t pick up any traction. Great ideas here!

I would add an NLU golf pool