Icarito's Money Round at Falcon's Fire **CANCELED**

Guys it looks like October 4th is going to be the day. I will reach out to FF to get everything lined up.


If it’s early that might work perfect.

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Sorry I missed the vote, but worked out perfectly for my schedule. I’ll be there!


Just put it on my calendar. Wife might kill me, but who can say for sure…


Guys, had some scheduling issues come up with work, new poll coming out.

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Sorry I had to move the dates around hopefully these might be better. LAST EDIT

  • Thursday August 27th
  • Friday August 28th
  • Thursday September 3rd
  • Friday September 4th
  • Tuesday September 8th (day after Labor Day)

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All rounds would preferably be in the AM

We start golf season on the 24th so unless it’s an early Sunday I unfortunately can’t attend. I recommend early regardless since we’re in the pattern (read a fuck ton of rain) and I want everyone to have a great time. Also, Falcons Fire is used for high school matches so if you schedule too late you could be surrounded by kids better than each of us at golf.

Sorry Andy, won’t be able to make any of these days, hope you guys have a great time!

Unfortunately not going to be able to make those dates.

Played Sunday its delightful