Icarito's Money Round at Falcon's Fire **CANCELED**

Hey everybody, thinking about organizing a meetup,preferably before the NIT, at Falcon’s Fire in Orlando. It would have two person teams straight out of strapped rules of a quota game. Small entry fee on top of the greens fee would be paid out in gift certificates to our favorite small shop, ideally the pot could get up to $500(shoutout to the megabonus)
My first question for the general consensus would be, does it have to be on the weekend? From a pace of play/rate it seems like we could easily get a better bang for our buck if we went sometime during the week.
Event will hopefully be sometime late this month or anytime in September.

Any input or interest would be a great help.



I know that course very well, weekends typically work best for me, but I’m down for this!

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I’ve never played FF but it’s in my Orlando shortlist. You know I’m always interested!

True story, I only walked the course back in my teaching days and never played it. Might have to shoot for an emergency 9, or maybe even a mini-golf shootout afterwards.

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I’m generally off Thursday-Saturday so def open to a weekday Strapped Whorelando.

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Definitely interested, weekends are best for me personally

I’m interested, a Friday or weekend would work for me.

Side note, it’s pretty decent course. I’ve played several tournaments there. For the price its one of the better ones in the area.

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If you’ll have me I’ld be interested in making the trip over from Tampa.
No preference on what day would work best.

We welcome everyone! Even though it’s two-player teams, we could easily join people up.

I’m in if it’s a Sunday!


What dates?

Just trying to get a feel of everyone’s availability. Might be trying to get it in this month.

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Ideally if we got 20 people, we could have a $25 entry fee per player and payout $500 in NLU gift certificates.
Sound good @MerchCzar?

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I’m in. Fun time and normally in pretty good shape (at least last time I played it)

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Should have a poll up tomorrow with potential dates


I’m down! Trying to make up for missing the palatka / jax beach deal.

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  • Friday August 21th
  • Saturday August 29th
  • Monday August 31st
  • Tuesday September 8th
  • Sunday October 4th

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All rounds would be in the AM

Make sure you guys cast your vote, I can swing any of these days, also I made it possible to vote for multiple days.

Any of these dates are fine for me but I’d prefer later in hopes of a cooler day.

Poll will be going down in 3 days, give everyone enough chance to put their input in.