Ian Poulter

I really hope I am not alone with my support of the postman. His story from coming up through the club pro ranks where people constantly told him he would never be good enough to even teach the game let alone play professionally. Love the passion and how he can even poke fun of himself with Connor Moore.


I’ve become a bigger fan of his based solely on his Instagram. He’s a rich cocky prick, but there’s something endearing about him, and the Insta stories somehow humanize him a bit.


I appreciate his talent but all the calling out guys who heckle him is bullshit.

Is it ok to shout personal abuse at someone in public?


Not a fan of folks showing off being rich, even if self made - that’s me though

But, that said, his putting exhibition at Medinah in 2012 was unreal. Have been a fan ever since.


I like Poulter. But if I was American, I probably wouldn’t.

I don’t agree with him on everything and I could see less of the ‘look at these Ferrari’s I have’ etc. And I could live without the ‘I’ve worked really hard so I deserve these Ferraris’. Yes Ian, you have worked really hard - but if you happened to be one of the top 100 welders you might be able to stretch to 1 Ferrari one day, but not a bloody collection of them by the time you’re 40. You just happen to be good at something that pays a few million a year.

Some of the results he’s come up with over the years put together a great CV… from a great Ryder Cup career (not just 2012) to winning a few decent events, as well as winning the Houston Open to get into the Masters.

His final hole v DJ in Paris (assuming it is to be his last Ryder Cup memory as a player) was fantastic. Absolutely buttoning one down the middle and then another balls to the wall iron over the water into the green.

I’m sure he’s guilty of not working as hard in recent years as he did early in his career… but I guess financial security can rob someone of motivation.


Other interesting snippet I heard post lockdown is that he hardly plays any golf outside of tournaments.

He condenses his practice into short periods of range work, chipping and putting etc - as well as fitness stuff.

I’d guess this is because he doesn’t want to spend 4 or 5 hours on a golf course, but would rather get his work in over a fraction of that time and be more productive.

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I love Poulter as a competitor but he comes off as a prick most of the time. I square this because somehow he’s endearing when not being a prick, and I cheer for Europe in the Ryder Cup.

I dig him. Always have. Golf needs a couple heels like this.

I used to hate Poulter, but I’ve really come around to him over the last few years.

He clearly absolutely adores his family, and while the showing off of his material things and calling out poor (perceived or real) service from businesses on social media can be a bit wearing, he’s really endeared himself to a lot of people by willing to be open about his life.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to have that indoor hitting bay/putting studio? My god.

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I’ve done a complete 180 on him. Guy is an absolute killer in the Ryder Cup but can also get squirly with the hosel rockets under pressure which is very relatable. He does come off as an absolute prick sometimes but if I had that much money and was that good at golf I would be pretty cocky too.

Also, him owning up to letting a mega fart rip and PGA Tour Live picking it up on a hot mic last weekend is incredible and we need more of that on the Tour.


These are two very frequent occurrences in my rounds. Poulter truly is a man of the people.


The only thing I still dislike about Poults is Conor Sketches

Coincidentally, that’s probably the only thing I dislike about Tiger.

I like Poulter. I feel like he’s always been open and relatively accessible. Just 5-7 years ago he would interact with fans all of the time on Twitter. Answer questions, give swing tips, and just chat. But unfortunately too many trolls ruined it. I think he’s a regular guy from a somewhat rough upbringing that made it big. And he still acts like a regular guy, just one with a lot of money.

Obviously unrealistic, but I wish more pros were as open as he is. It’s definitely one of the things that has brought him fans and if you look back, the SB2K16 trip brought fans to Rickie, JT, Spieth, and Smylie.

No, but more so calling in to get people fired. At least one of them was for something pretty innocuous IIRC.

I used to love Ian Poulter because, at that point, all I knew was he was a fellow Arsenal fan. I loved it in 2005 or 2006 when he wore the collared Arsenal jersey at an event, and shortly thereafter I went to a tournament with my dad and wore an Arsenal jersey myself to try and get his attention. It worked, and on the range, he threw one of his tees to me which have Arsenal crests on them.

So for that, I’ll always have a soft spot for him. However…I will say, the popularity of twitter has not been good for him. He was one of the people I instantly followed when I created an account back in the early days, and I haven’t exactly been impressed ever since then about his attitude and how he carries himself.

Some guys definitely benefit from the look behind the curtain into their actual personalities. Poulter is not one.


Refer to my profile photo, always had a soft spot for him and a big fan of his early career fashion sense

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I used to never like him but the last few years I’ve changed. I really like him now. I think he’s honest and pretty funny. He’s a grinder and I respect that. He’s a good follow on IG too.