I think we can all agree I should be Refuge ambassador to France?

I don’t want the job, I NEED the job.

Thanks for your support,


Corgi > Cat


If elected, I will nominate you to be the Refuge ambassador to France.

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Whatever dude, I already own France.

@BamaBearcat comment tu va jouer au golf en France si je suis pas le President du Refuge? Evidement c’est meme pas le meilleur idee, mais c’est necessaire. Je te joindra a Morefontaine at puis St Emilionnais pour celebre le Doak…


Si Senor Cad, me no playa Morfontaine yetta but me very much want to. Oui Oui.

Le Bearcat


Cool. One vote sewn up…

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Gotta France trip lining up next September if you’re interested. Michelin food, Bordeaux wines and golf…

Tell me more…

Last week of September 2021. Staying here:

It’s their harvest season so one day while there we’ll literally help bring in the harvest.

Playing Golf du Medoc, St Emilionnais (Doak design), Royan, Seignosse and Biarritz (unfortunately the green is no longer there, but still).

Eating at places like this:


A few of us may book end it with the Circuit des Rempaets classic car rally in Angouleme, a night or two in Paris and a round at Morefontaine.


Does that look nice or what. Not that I need any reason to go back to France, but this sure helps

No @The_Cad_Says, that all happens next Thursday and the toilet is down the hallway on the right.

You’re welcome

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But what about my four slices of ham?

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