How often is it necessary to get new clubs?

Anyway, say hi, and look around! Chime in! Feel free to ask anyone who looks like they know what they’re doing (does this apply to any of us? lol) a DM, by clicking on their name and hitting Message if you have any question!

See ya round!

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I don’t know, this seems distinguishable enough from just club fitting specifically. It’d be nice to have somewhere to specifically discuss advancements in club technology and when it’s time to start thinking about replacing clubs. Do we have a club tech thread? I know we had a bit of a row about it a few weeks ago, but I’m pretty sure that was off-topic wherever we were.

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If you read the other post, you’ll see it starts with “I’ve been debating upgrading my irons for some time now (been rocking some Hogan Apex Plus’s for about 20 years now) and just wanted to get people’s thoughts on the options.”

also, pretty sure yes we have a club tech thread. or ten of them. let me see if i can source it

I would kind of agree actually after peeking around in that thread - doesn’t really address the club tech upgrades in recent years. I think it’s significantly more obvious in drivers / woods / hybrids how much of a difference the new tech makes but less talked about in Irons. If there is a club tech thread, please let me know!

This thread would be a good starting place.

This is great - thanks!

You need to buy new Callaway clubs every release.

Apparently you’ll get a nice 15% discount from @HashtagChad if you join the Nest.




My man.


Definitely should’ve tagged you in here earlier hahaha

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my favorite refugee

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I had grips changed for the first time last year in 25 years of playing. Uh not because I used the same clubs all this time or had worn grips.


I’m not letting $300 separate from single digit handicap. I trust the engineers and ai to make a club so good that I can’t f it up.

when @BigJake sees someone with blades thinking about upgrading for technology reasons



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@BigJake right now:

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“What’s wrong with @BigJake?”
“Someone showed him a graph about advancements in smelting purity since 1950 and he’s been rocking in the corner muttering ‘angles’ for 6 hours”

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“What did you hit there @BigJake ?”
“Oh I hit 8”



I hit my 17 iron

I’m making assumptions based on your name, but join us here!