How Many Golf Courses Have you Played..?

Following on from the topics on courses you want to take down this year and the favourite courses you’ve played… how many golf courses have you actually played in total…?

I love lists and spreadsheets so I put together a list of all the courses I’ve ever played, including 9 holers and par 3 courses.

I’m up to 108 courses in total… I bet this is nowhere near some of you on here…!

Over to you…

I went through my memory bank last year and put together a list - which wasn’t that many, less than 50, with all but 1 in Scotland. I am in a reasonable position now where we can organise a few away days or trips each year to play a few different places, but this just wasn’t possible before - mainly due to financial constraints.

However I don’t get great pleasure from adding courses on a list just for the sake of it or from playing high end, ultra expensive places, just to tick off another place. I’d like to play most of the big venues in Scotland, so I can have a view on them, but not fussed about dropping hundreds on this.

It would massively annoy me to pay £250 for 1 go at Muirfield or Troon, knowing that I would probably never play it again and couldn’t (wouldn’t want to) pay that to play it regularly and get to know the course better.

I don’t really get a kick out of playing a course the 1st time. You are really just finding your way about and working out a strategy. Would much rather play a decent £60 or £75 track 3 or 4 times, compared with a top 100 Open Championship venue.

Edit to add - I’d much rather save up a few quid and at a point in later life, when I have a bit more time being able to justify a second membership at a links venue at St. Andrews or Ayrshire.

I’m at about 150 from memory. That’s only two times opening up the spreadsheet and trying to think of courses I’ve played. I’ve not looked at courses on maps or anything.

So maybe 200? 250?

I’ve never really kept track. Maybe I should keep a spread sheet

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although that other google map thread is epic…!

I’ve played most of the ‘big’ courses in Scotland, generally in March or October when the rates are significantly lower. Take a punt on the weather or suck it up when it inevitably pishes down.

No idea how many courses I’ve played, but I’m not a member anywhere and use teeofftimes most weekends, usually trying new places. I’d take a punt at maybe 200+, mostly in Scotland, but with Ireland Spain and UAE also getting a menchie.

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I started keeping a spread sheet not that long ago. I’m up to 84 courses with most being played in NC and FL. A couple in VA, SC, and MD.

I stated keeping track of the original architect(s) of each course as well. There is no telling how much of the original is still there from the original design though.

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I’m at 205 after a good start to 2019.

128 in Australia
35 in England
18 in the USA
8 in Scotland (another 4 next month)
5 in France
4 in South Africa
3 in Ireland
1 in Portugal
1 in Egypt
1 in Belgium
1 in Czech Republic

The GCA blokes who’ve got 1000+ blow my mind, but I am reminded that there are only so many courses within 3hrs of where I live and I’ve played almost all of them that are worth seeing, and I also favour a return visit somewhere great over playing a newie just for the hell of it.

My first was a rudimentary nine-holer that my grandad built on his farm. My 100th was The Old Course. Might need to make the 250th something good.


god, I have no idea how I would figure this out. played a lot of golf from 86-2000 and I have no way of figuring them all out. Went on 5-6 Myrtle Beach, RTJ Trail, Florida trips with buddies, and I don’t think I could name 2 courses on those trips where I probably played 35-50 rounds.

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  1. I’m just getting started on doing a My Map for my website.

I played #111 yesterday and am on a mission to hit 200 before I turn 30. (currently have roughly 1350 days remaining. Works out to roughly a new course every 15 days)


I’m on 108. Did Moor Park for my 100th in October.

I like playing new places but I’m not in a mad rush to collect them like ring pulls. Just when it happens naturally.


I am on 173. I hope to get to 200 latest next year. Here’s my map:


wow, for a Euro?, that’s a lot of Utah golf

I did an expat year in Utah. One of the best places on earth for outdoors.

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Makes sense. BTW, I can get behind ANY state in the Rocky Mountain range being described this way.

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With the help of a map, my memory bank and my scorecard collection I count 130 courses, mostly here in CA.

The best? Pine Valley

it’s gonna approach 300 for me. I’m still working on my map, and I haven’t even gotten out of SW Florida yet.

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