How good is Aiken Golf Club?

Will be playing it next month for the first time. I have done a good bit of reading on it and have probably built it up a bit too much in my head. Would love to hear from anyone who has played it before.


Bring your chimper, and practice your spin shots


Don’t forget about the plop shot, you’ll need it around the greens


In the thoroughbred?

I played there as part of my Masters trip this year. I really enjoyed it. Used all of the clubs in the bag. My buddy even had a hole in one up a blind uphill shot (#4 or so I think).

My group that I was with liked it better than Palmetto…

It is fun. I have played it only once, in 40 degrees. I never noticed the scorecard total distance. Lots of variety. I would safely recommend it.

I am going to the Thoroughbred and looking forward to better weather.

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Make sure to bring your mid-calfs and trick shots.

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I played Aiken GC once last year. It was a blast. Very walkable course. Compact routing with nice rolling terrain. Cool double green on the 1st and 17th. The blind driveable par 4 15th hole was fun too. I was paired with a 76 old local guy and we needed 2.5 hours to finish the round. Awesome day.

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I will not be at The Thoroughbred but playing the week before. That does look fun as hell though.

I played 36 at Aiken in June and it was fantastic. Coming from GB & I links courses, it’s one of the few US courses I’ve played where you can really use the ground and get a bit creative. Plenty of room off the tee with a premium on second shots. Greens ran very true and not stupidly fast. It’s an ideal walk, although I did take a cart for the second 18 as it was +90F.

Green fees are a steal, folks in the shop are super friendly, and the lady at the halfway hut is charming. I’d definitely recommend playing twice, there a few different ways to play some holes and shots and you’re going to want to have the chance to do it again.

I can’t wait to get back, and i’d put it in the category of “course you could happily play every day for the rest of your life.”


Very enjoyable round. Played as a single behind several foursomes that went off mid morning. Finished in three hours.


Played there a couple of weeks ago with my twin sons, we had a great time. Really interesting layout, lots of fun.

Grew up on the course. First birdie, first 9 holes under 40 came on the course.

It has been completely overhauled recently for the better. It fills a great void in a town with both Palmetto and Sage Valley

When I was little, there was a pool where the putting green is now.

I’ll be playing there in a few weeks! Are there any other courses I should check out that are in the area?