How Far Do You Drive To Play?


Chalk up another W for our friends in the UK with a golf addiction.

Not just the walkability OF courses, but the walkability TO courses. It seems so many sit just on the edge of town or in town.


I’m lucky that my wife was cool with us picking a spot here that was within a mile of my home course and so I walk to play/work (I ended up getting a job there too) but now it’s about to close down at the end of the month so now more walkability for me.


I live in north west London and takes me 25min to drive to my club. I pass 3 or 4 other clubs on the way, but the drive is worth the quality. Plus, gives me time to listen to some podcasts.

I used to drive 45min to a previous club, but wouldn’t want to do that now. Anything under 30min is manageable. We have one guy at our club who drives 1 hour 30 min every Saturday for the swindle… that’s just insanely far here in the UK…!


Boston is especially bad at the city planning and urbanism. Golf course may be less than 10 miles away but it takes an hour to get there. Newton Commonwealth and Putterham were my go to’s while in college and working at NU. Even still, out in the suburbs now, it’s still a hike to get to anywhere decent


I live on the south side of atlanta, and there a few public/semi-private courses within a 15 minute drive of my house. Two Executive 9 hole courses and one city owned course I play a good bit. I have driven an hour plus to some of the nicer courses in the metro area though.