How Far Do You Drive To Play?

I work at a course and it’s within a mile from my house but it’s about to close at the end of the year. This will be the third course in the past 18 months around here to sell out for housing developments. All the public courses within a 25 minute drive are getting slammed now because of all the closures and I was curious as to how far some of you drive to play.

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I was just sending my buddy a lost of possible courses/times for Sunday and the furthest courses I considered were just a touch over an hour from my house in various directions. I’m in relatively central Phoenix so an hour gets me to pretty much whatever edge of the city I want. My buddy who’s on the west side sometimes has a longer drive if we’re playing a course on the far east side of the city. Maybe every so often in the summer we might make a trip up to Prescott to play in cooler weather which would like like a 90ish minute drive, but that’s a rare thing and exigent circumstances (Phoenix in July).

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I’m a 7 min drive from my club but therexare people there who drive over an hour every time they play. There are a few 90 mins away. I think they’re mad but they’re happy to do it because they have friends at the club.

Crazy that 3 clubs have folded though!

It’s a 45 minute drive from home for me, on the other side of town. I used to have a 90 minute drive to my old club, which I did very regularly way back when I was single & without kids.

All good"ish" courses are at least 40 minutes away, but 90 minutes isn’t uncommon. But that will happen maybe once a month, the courses I usually slap it around at are within 30 minutes.

For a public course I’m willing to drive about an hour. For a private course, I’ll do pretty much anything within 3 hours. Hell I might bump it up to 4 if it’s a gem.

25 minutes. Not bad for living in Atlanta and playing in the burbs.

What is this “driving” you speak of? Sounds fancy.

I’ve got a tube to mainline station, 40 min train* and then a cab to the course. Can be done in 90 mins-ish, if you’re lucky.

*Its the UK, so complete lottery as to whether trains are running at the weekend.


Been pondering this recently. I love 1 mile from an ok muni but for a better experience I need to drive about 20 minutes. It isn’t far but the ease of the lesser course being so close draws me in.

5-10 minutes to the local range ~ 3 mi

~15-25 minutes to Eisenhower Park ~6-7 mi

~30 minutes to Bethpage. ~19 mi

~35 minutes to Lido Golf Course ~19 mi

Long Island traffic largely influences the driving time, but none of these places are far

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usually? a few places within half an hour or 45 minutes.
rain or snow and its the weekend? up to 4 hours each way to find suitable conditions*

*single, no kids

15 minutes from home or office and recognize how spoiled I am to feel annoyed it’s not 5.

Home club is 20 minutes away. I’ve got 13 others of varying quality within an hour’s drive, and a driving range/nine hole hacker’s paradise five minutes down the road. Pretty spoiled!

My club is 20 minutes away and I think the most I’d want to drive for a course I belonged to is ~ 30 minutes. I have been in traveling leagues where I drove over an hour multiple times a year, but if I’m going to be playing somewhere every week, I need it to be close.

5 minute walk. 1 minute drive.


About 35 to 40 min for me. But in a few years a new road with a much higher speed limit and no lights will be completed and it will more like 15-20. I cannot wait for this damn road to be done (city been talking about it as long as I can remember and of course this section was the last section).

For the right course I would drive an hour. A few times a year I don’t mind an hour and half to 2 for some great mountain golf.

4 minutes. One of the positives of living in a smaller town.

My club is 2.5 hours away, joined it because the course is incredible (mostly untouched Donald Ross overlooking Lake Superior) and I can be a National Member as I live over 100 miles away so I do not need to pay full freight.



I’d say my average is about 45-1hr outbound, and 1-1.5hr inbound. Only one halfway decent course that is within a half hour but would rather just spend the extra time driving.

10 minute bike ride, 20 minute jog. Will probably upgrade clubs next year which will then be a 20 min bike ride.