How did you play today?

Tell us all about it. What went right, what went wrong, did you do/see anything embarrassing/funny, are you seeing your game improve…the whole deal. This is a safe space.

For me, after stringing a few good rounds together, and shooting 41 in a howling gale during an evening 9 this week, I made that age-old, fatal mistake.

I told my partner I was “really looking forward to my game this weekend, I’m playing some really good golf.”

I shot 99 and missed two from inside three feet. I got every shit-awful break you can get, from a trampoline bounce into a penalty area off a sprinkler head to being hard up against a tree at least three times. I went from bunker to bunker twice, lost one into the water then hit my drop into some different water.

I asked the girl in the kiosk on 10 whether she could sell me some pot to calm me down. It was not a good day, lads.

Edit: she did not.


We’re getting about a foot of snow over the next 2 days in Boston. I may go play Royal Dornoch on the simulator though. Will report back.


My answer to this questionwill always be “Shit”.

Yesterday I was 1 over after 4. Ended with a 97. :flushed:


You can take this thread and shove it up your ass. Half the country is 10 degrees and has a foot of snow.

I hope every one of you asswipes shot 250 and lost a sand wedge today.


I haven’t touched my clubs in 3 months so GTFO


Pretty decent. I was supposed to play 27/36 today at Heron Point (Dye course @ Sea Pines Resort), but I had to move up my flight so I only got in 18 with a short range session afterwards. For having only played three rounds this year, I’m pretty happy with the state of my game. My driver is more consistent than I expected. I’m not very dialed in short game wise, but that’s to be expected. Iron play is solid. Trip ended on a high note as I hit it to about 2 feet on the 200 yard par 3 16th, then got up and down from the position in the picture below on 18. Bummed to be heading back to the cold today, but hopefully the courses at home will open up in a month or so. Not sure what I ended up shooting, but it was probably low 80s/high 70s.

In the snow… :sigh:

played like turd in wind rain and mud (us californians are spoiled weenies)
9 handicap shot 86 BUT…
3 great shots on 18 to win a bunch of skins and finish with a big smile on my face!

Poorly. First round of the year with father in laws clubs. Flexible shafts vs mine which are stiff. Didn’t realize his R11 driver and woods were also set so open face. My natural shape is a fade. It was ugly and a tougher than usual start to the season.

Hit a few good ones an made more putts than planed. Was great inside 50 yards which is odd.

Well - ish. Started with 3 pars. The first was a bit of a scramble, 2 and 3 were fairways, geens and a 2 putt. Fell away a bit mid round missed some silly little putts. Finished well, just leaving a birdie putt short and we won the comp.

My driving seems to be the strongest part of my game at the moment as I’m consistently finding the middle of the clubface. I’m hoping this lasts the season.

Which country?


Played 36 on Thursday while away for work.

The quality of play was good, but the highlight was that I played the 36 holes in 4h50, including lunch between rounds.

Lowlight was being 1-over through 14 in the afternoon and finishing double, bogey, par, double.

Played in the 4BBB stableford club pairs completion, it’s a Mahogany and we had expectations of competing as I’ve come on through the winter and my partner has been playing in Portugal all week. No joy, couldn’t sink a putt and we didn’t dovetail. I shot 81 from a 9 handicap but missed 4 or 5 short ones on very good greens considering the time of year.

39 points, 48 won it. Ho hum.

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Seriously, you just gave me indigestion thinking about that. Slow down man. Life’s not a race with a trophy for finishing first. Enjoy the moment. Savour the food.

I’d rather spend 4h50 eating a good meal with charming company. :flushed:

I also like spending 4h50 doing things that should take 4h50. Like eating at Fat Duck.

Reality is that playing solo in a cart on empty golf courses, 2h15 per round and 20min to eat a sandwich is plenty.

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This is a very reddit thread.

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Literally hit rock bottom on the course this morning. Ran out of balls and had to play one hole with a Top Flite XL that I found in a creek.


Does anyone else suffer from a major disparity in their game depending on the time of day?

I swear i’m a 10 handicap before 10am, and scratch after 10am.

Every damn round is this way. If i tee off after 10, i feel like i have my normal game for the full round. If i tee off before 10, the first several holes are going to be horrible. I cant hit the damn ball at all.


What age are you, Andy?

The older I get the more this is a problem. I swear to God the minute I hit 40 my body just went “Oh, well, you won’t be needing me now”.

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Well shit. I turned 40 last week.

Jokes aside, 90% of my rounds begin at 7 or 8 am but I have found when I get the chance for an afternoon or twilight round, I play more freely. I don’t have data to suggest I score better, but there’s something magical about evening golf in the fall.

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