How cold is too cold?

Podcasts, Strapped series, Fauxlex series, I’m fiending for golf. Can’t get enough of it. But the weather in central PA has been less than ideal. Tomorrow will be the first day I have a legitimate chance of playing with the weather being around 55 degrees.

So I pose the question, how cold is too cold? How low are you willing to go to get the golf fix in?

Cold is relative. After the polar vortex, 30 felt like the Bahamas. If the course is open, I want to play.


My general cutoff is 40 and dry.


I truly think this question depends on two things: sun and wind. If the sun is out and there’s not much wind, you can honestly play at like 15-20 degrees. Obviously you need the right gear (and an open course), but I was hitting shots at my local course a few weeks ago in 24 degrees, and it was damn near pleasant.


55 is a yes without thinking twice for me.

Because of how windy and weird the weather can be in Oklahoma, there are typically more important factors at play than the temp. That being said, if its sunny and there is little wind (< 10mph), anything above 35 or so is a go for me - I’m pretty warm natured so walking the course at that temp, when properly clothed, isn’t bad.

If there’s a typical 10 mph wind and isn’t too overcast, 38-40+ works for me. If it’s 15-20+ mph wind and wet/overcast, probably needs to be in the high 40s/50s.

(Since I’ve started typing this others have commented on wind/sun as being major factors - totally agree and am too lazy to go back and edit this post to contemplate the fact others have already said this).


If I have time to play and the course is open, I’m there. You can always dress accordingly.
I am also in central PA, will be headed out tomorrow as well. Where you located?


50 is usually my cut off, need some sun. Can’t do 45 and cloudy, just not enjoyable for 4 hours to me. Maybe hit some balls but 50+ and sunny is when I really get the itch.

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high of 32 if i walk or it’s sunny. high of 40 if i have to ride or it’s cloudy.

45 and sunny in March? I’m probably rocking shorts and polo. 45 and sunny in late October? We’ve been spoiled by summer/fall and likely won’t find anyone willing to play.


This exactly.

Played a couple of weeks ago when it was sunny, about 28 and no wind. Sure, you have to dress appropriately, and I put on my mitts with handwarmers in them between shots, but is was very doable. This week it’s about 45, but playing isn’t an option with the wind and the rain.

Central PA was pretty broad, but the Lancaster/York area. Mid 50’s tomorrow I think it’s gonna be a go for me.

Nice! I live in Lancaster city.
Likely won’t have a ton of time tomorrow, so looking like a quick loop at good ol’ Overlook.

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low 30s w/o wind

I know the driving range is not golf, but I’ll go there regardless of the temp because they have heaters

Nice dude, I moved out from Pittsburgh last year to take a job at the Nuclear Plant in Peach Bottom. So I was in an apartment pretty close to all the shops at Belmont. But I’m down in Red Lion now a little closer to work. Played Overlook a few times. You ever get out to Royal Manchester?

If the course is open, it isn’t too cold.

In the words of the Northeast Chapter of the R&ACDG, “Nut Up, Shut Up, Layer Up”


40 is my usual cutoff but in Arkansas, there arent a ton of days under that.

I feel ya, quick 9 tomorrow no problem at all. Filled with plenty of tops, and in my case probably a few “big left misses”.

Very cool, Lancaster - Red Lion must have been a culture shock move! But nice to be close to work.
Yes, played it once early spring last year, before the fescue was up. Want to go back again for sure, great track!
Be sure to keep an eye on the Central PA thread for local chat and finding games.


I’m in NW Pennsylvania, and I played on January 4th this year. It warmed up to about 45 and sunny with little wind, and I was just fine. If there’s no snow and the course is open, I’m playing. I would be fine down to 20 degrees or so most likely.

I played Royal Cinque Ports on January 2 2010 in the midst of an absolute freeze (by SE England standards…). From memory it was 1 or 2 degrees Celsius.

The ground was frozen and, carrying my bag, I slipped on the top of the punchbowl front of the 3rd green and slid all the way down onto the putting surface on my arse.

My wife (then fiancée) was walking around with me and at dinner that night pronounced my slip-and-slide as the only highlight of her day.