How about a council rather than a president? A detailed case

I look forward to this resembling the Portland, Oregon mayoral race of well, any year… It’s not the clown car, it’s the clown bus!

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I feel the same. I don’t know everything. Each situation is unique and presents its own set of challenges and solutions.

What’s next? Multiple levels of government?

I think the one is fine, there are only a few thousand of us. It seems reasonable that the concerns of 1000-1500 be represented by a single person, no need to get more granular than that.

We already have a Supreme Court

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Some truly spot-on points in this, very true and good points and well made! Let’s discuss in detail in the weeks to come, hopefully I can win your support

There’s no path to the nomination for you, Other Guy. Time to free your supporter to find a viable candidate to get behind.

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They said the same to Mr Obama, Mr Trump, many others.
I don’t subscribe to conventional wisdom or herd mentality, I will win the people over with my ideas and passion and won’t be bullied out of the race by the big name/no brain candidates

Honestly man, no one seems to get it but I’m not actually running. I have no intention of being on a ballet, I just want to make sure everyone is fairly represented when we’re taking ideas to the Guis. I get that most of this has turned into shtick but there are some ways that this thing could really improve with effective governance but I don’t think that’s possible with a President.

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Thanks man, assuming my movement is unsuccessful, I will be voting for someone so feel free to treat me as just another interested voter.

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The existence of a president, does not prevent someone from sending a DM to any of the guys.

Youre entire schtick here is kind of demeaning to “ordinary” users. They arent hard to get a hold of.

I like your above comments about the need for proper improvements, that’s what I’m all about and I believe it ain’t gonna happen with the other guys running

Come on, do you really believe that?

Presumably, this person will be in semi-regular conversation about changes that might need to be made to the refuge and our representative in that conversation. There is no question that this proposal will result in one person having access above all others.

Yeah. I do.

There is NOTHING stopping anyone here from doing something.

This entire idea that the president will be some kind of grand leader is bizarre to me. You know what gets someone more access? Being entertaining, reaching out, developing relationships, having an idea and running with it.

This is something that took a little while for the guys that have been around since the early days to figure out as well. Was it any “leader’s” idea to create a duel? hell. no. It was @Lazstradamus’ idea. Do you know why people hold him in such high regard? Because he continually churns out hits and has helped mold the refuge into what it is with a ton of ingenuity, creativity, dedication, and people skills.

If the people of the refuge are going to continually sit on their thumbs, waiting for someone to invite them to do something, this place is doomed.

If more people can see the things that @Lazstradamus @RobertHunter @The_Cad_Says and many others (including all of the cincy guis that put in tons of hard work behind the scenes @steve, @2trickpony, @ljp ) have done over the past couple years, and use that as inspiration, rather than waiting on a leader, this place is going to continue on down what i personally think is the right track.

I met 50 guys over the course of two days, and the majority of them were a good hang. That is not normal. The refuge is not normal. I dont want “leadership”. I dont want people voting on what we’ll do next. I want someone to have an idea, kick it around a bit, and fucking go with it. That is how people win. That is how shit gets done.


Hey @gatorz7888, when did we vote on whether you should have had @Geaugolf make headcovers?


You say all these nice things, but I’m just out for an ego boost … :man_shrugging:t4:


How can I like this post twice.
You might have won my vote with this. But I’m still open for bribes.


You know what’s demeaning? Treating the people who aren’t churning out content like they are somehow freeloading.

Am I so appreciative to have a place like this to spend my free time? Yes.

Do the folks you mentioned deserve a ton of respect and credit for all they’ve contributed? Absolutely.

Have I don’t a whole lot other than comment and show up to my local events? No.

Does that mean I should just sit this one out and let the popular kids have this debate on their own? Fuck no.

I like this place too and would like a say in what happens next.

Hey @sundaybag, when did we vote on the idea of building a golf course?

Hey @alexshreff, when did we vote on the traveling sunday bag?

Give me a fucking break @I_have_the_yips.


If you want to have a say, say something.

In no way whatsoever am in saying lurkers and less active folks are freeloading. But your entire premise is wrong.

They say so. You dont need an election, or a board, or a moderator to do it.