How about a council rather than a president? A detailed case

Thats what they want us to think.


I mean, this is EXACTLY how I got started in here. Lurked without signing up for a while, then signed up 28 days ago and here we are. Nobody has told me to go away, nobody has told me I’m not welcome, and hell, I’ve participated in some of the threads that could be more than intimidating for somebody who isn’t part of the long standing group.

Am I going to think I should be recognized and welcomed into things the same way that the most established members are? Hell no, that’s something that you have to get though consistency. However, the fact that I can post and have other users “like” the things I have to say as well as engage in conversation is enough for a very new user.

Do I feel like I am a little overwhelmed? Sure, but that’s generally how getting into an established message board/forum works when you’re later to the game. I have taken the time to learn some things about the others here though their posts, find the topics that interest me, and found that I can just read and laugh at a lot of things without ever needing to let anybody know that I’m there.

Will I get to the point that I will be trying to get to local events when we can? Listen, for sure. This is a board full of golf sickos and that is generally enough for me to be able to find something to talk about with them. We aren’t always going to agree, we aren’t always going to get along, but we are always going to be able to agree that golf is both stupid and wonderful all at the same time.


They? The government or the dogs? Both?



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The corgi is a symbol of monarchy and oppression.

Go away, bum.

A Lurker


I’m not convinced @The_Cad_Says and @GluteActivator aren’t in cahoots

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surely I can’t be the only one who has sent out my credit card number, SSN and mother’s maiden name in my DMs? it was for a nigerian prince


Can you send those to me? I’ll check my records to make sure I have your correct ssn, cc number, etc.



Look, just because I’m a bit “bummy” doesn’t mean you can push me around. Do you think you’re His Grace @The_Cad_Says or something?

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Just ask @HaveOuimet, he’s got all that on file already, yours included.


My SSN is


Don’t put me in your venn diagram for bum friends!


Guy Whitehead kind of good time?

Ferrrrrrr sure!

Also, this election has me hyped! There are so many good ideas, discussions, and observations all over these threads, and I find this whole exercise fascinating. It makes me wish I could go back and retake my AP government class in high school and actually pay attention…

I can’t wait to pick my horse (…or dog) in this race and create an endorsement video. Or, will the deep state cabal remain on the sidelines and not pick a side. Who can say?

The Refuge is the best…warts and all!



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After listening to the Random Topics Pod, I’d like to submit a prop for the ballot that we rename this message board “Ball Speed Fiesta.” @djpie

Maybe a Ball Speed Fiesta shirt? A Ball Speed Fiesta #Strapped bonus for a long drive? @MerchCzar?

Really? I’ve just been throwing shit at people to see what sticks… :man_shrugging:t4:


Lurkers are a flat circle.