Horror movie fans

just wanted to throw something up in the spirit of the Halloween season. I have many odd passions in this world one of which is a good scary horror movie,also a huge horror nights fan at Universal.
But one movie that really got me into the genre would have to be Trick R Treat, the intertwining stories and characters is not only a must watch is also has a great re-watch over and over quality.


Can’t believe you started a horror movie thread and opened it up with Trick ‘r Treat… literally my favorite horror movie and has usurped Halloween as the must watch on Oct 31!


Crazy story is how Sam started as a short cartoon drawn by the creator of the film and became the catalyst for a true icon.

I’m also a big fan of Saw, the original film got me hooked!

Back when high school kids were treated like Adults in training and were able to watch “R” rated movies with a permission slip, my video production teacher showed us the original reel to reel version of the Exorcist with the subliminal images. Good times…

My personal favorite is Event Horizon.

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Event Horizon scared the shit out of me in the theatre, fetal position in a theatre seat is harder than it sounds. I love horror movies but I also scare tremendously easily. Bad combo.

Also that poster art for Event Horizon is SICK

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One movie that really jacked me up was “The Gallows” probably one of the best “found footage” movies with crazy jump scares. I’m seriously terrified they made a sequel.

I remember seeing a trailer for Trick r Treat and looking forward to it but then it seemingly never was released. Then randomly people started talking about how good it was and I’ve still never seen it. I’ll check it off the list this month.

Hereditary shook me. The VVitch as well but to a lesser degree.

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Hereditary may be the scariest move I’ve seen in a really long time. Watched it alone, in the dark, on my couch the first time and my skin has never crawled so hard during parts of that. Don’t know what I was thinking.

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If we’re not talking about the 1986 movie, Trick or Treat than what are we even doing here? It starred Skippy from family ties. It’s got Gene Simmons. It’s got Ozzy Osbourne. Beat that.

Bought Trick R Treat tonight and watched it. Not scary, but a lot of fun! Thanks for the rec!

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I was originally talking about the 2007 movie

That’s what I watched

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