History of Clocks at Golf Courses

I’ve seen this style clock at a lot of golf courses (only once at one I’ve played).

It seems like a popular style in the golf world. Does anyone know the history behind where this started?


I believe you can get a Rolex only if you’ve hosted a major, or something like that…?

Maybe I heard a myth.

I’ve seen Rolex clocks at courses that have definitely not hosted majors (Winchester CC in MA). But that course has hosted other events

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You know where you won’t see a giant Rolex clock…?

:musical_note: When you’re standing in the hall of fame… :musical_note:


I used to think the rolex clock was the official status of whether a course was good or not.


Need to add that to the “is this course good” flow chart


I asked about the Rolex clock while we were working at Erin Hills. USGA’s site guy we worked for just said they are at every course that holds a major. Rolex drops them off for free, that’s all he knew.

This is at the first tee of one of my hometown munis, which is about as far from a Rolex course as you can get. I don’t know why it’s there, or anywhere, but I’m for it.

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One of my friends bodyslammed another one of my friends under the Rolex at Bandon one fine evening


I want to know what courses turn down the clocks? Those would be the elite ones. I think Augusta just has their own clocks. And I don’t think they just grandfather clock you in, like if you held a major before you don’t just get one sent to you, you have to hold another at the point they started making them?

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That is same same but different.

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The rumor I had heard was that they’re free, but Rolex asks for a comp’d foursome for their execs/clients from time to time. I don’t think they abuse it or anything like that, but it’s not completely free out of the goodness of Rolex’s heart/marketing budget.


Not the worst trade off in the world.

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Yeah, that’s not a Rolex clock, either.


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That is sick. If I ever buy a golf course, the first thing I am putting up is a Casio clock by the first tee.

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folex my guy

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Yes, there are several companies that make clocks like this for golf courses. If it doesn’t say Rolex on the face, it isn’t a Rolex clock.

That’s wild, man