Hilton Head/Sea Pines trip


My family will be taking a trip to Hilton Head and staying at the Sea Pines Resort towards the end of July. We will be playing all three courses at the resort. I was wondering if anyone had any tips/places to eat/things to do other than golf/places to shop or whatever…thanks!


Fish Camp on Broad is a good spot. Anywhere near Coligny is fun at night


My wife and I spent a week of our honeymoon on HHI. We ate at Low Country Backyard on Palmetto Bay Road which we loved; can be quite busy though. We also ate at The Old Oyster Factory Restaurant on Marshland Road which was great; the location was superb.

I played the Ocean Course at Sea Pines, as it was then. Would be keen to hear about what its like now that its had the Davis Love III treatment and is ‘Atlantic Dunes’.


I was just there last weekend. Im a big fan of HHI/Sea Pines. Nice community.

Played May River which is 40 minutes away. easy drive. Super legit place and a cool spot. I think its semi-private. Regardless, I bet you can get on and its worth it. nice course. Also, bluffton and palmetto bluff are cool places to explore and eat lunch what not. Cool little towns. You coudl also boat over there from Sea Pines.
Atlantic dunes is solid.
The 3 SeaPines courses:
Harbour Town. Gets all the hype. expensive. But you might as well play it once so you check that box. I dont dislike it, just not that eager to go spend $300 to play ti again.
Heron Point. in sea pines. solid course. half the price of Harbor town.
Reality is, in late July all the courses are gonna be little burned out and tired looking, they peak in the spring/fall. But that should stop you from playing or enjoying them. It’s still good golf. Bring your bugspray!


How’d you get on May River? They’ve told me a stay is required.


My buddies parents live in Sea Pines and his father is a member (apparently his dad also has a lot inside the May River area) so that’s how we played.

But I wasn’t sure how private it really was as golf digest shows it as a public course and the website makes it looks fairly public.

Anyways - I enjoyed the course. Cool place.


Was just there in March and can recommend One Hot Mama restaurant. The bbq was excellent. I also played Harbourtown in 25+ mph wind which was the only good thing about having a forecaddie with the group.


Yeah, it still requires a stay. Even on the public lists they will list some courses where you can’t just call up to book a tee time. I may have another avenue for it though, so hoping I get to play it this year. Glad you enjoyed it.


I gotcha. That makes sense - like any other “resort”.
I didn’t realize you could “stay on property”. I didn’t see any lodging other than what I thought were privately owned homes.


Yeah they have an inn associated with it, but I’m not sure if it is at the same location.


Great stuff. All 3 courses are good. they’ll be pretty baked, and it’ll be hotter than hell, but you’ll have a great time. Atlantic Dunes is :ok_hand: Make sure you get the picture on 18 at Harbor Town with the lighthouse in the back. Frame it.

My parents have retired down there, their home is on the opposite side of the island, so my recommendations may not be geographically great.

Breakfast: Southern Coney (near Coligny in a shopping center next to Bi Lo). Best pancakes on the island, somewhat not as well known as the highway diners. Island bagel company has great NY style bagels. Duck Donuts is surprisingly good

Lunch: if you like counter serve mexican go to Fiesta Fresh (also by a Bi Lo, but other side of island). Also clubhouse that Herron / Atlantic share has a nice grill room, pricey though.

Casual Dinner: Holy Tequila for nicer mexican, Jane’s bistro on thursday nights does a 2/3 burger night starting at $8 plus toppings. Charbar is great too

nicer dinner: Wise guys / Frankie bones. Other side of island, more of a local crowd but great food. Lucky Rooster is a really popular spot. Salty Dog if you want to fight the crowd, their Pimiento cheese dip is awesome

Other: skullcreek boathouse, dockside, hickory tavern has about 1,000 TVs if there’s a game you want to watch. If you want to cook in, Hudson’s Seafood has the best catches on the Island…again it’s a drive but you can get some great variety there. Fat Baby’s pizza is good, so is Guiseppe’s.

If you don’t have beach access in Seapines (you should), Coligny is your closest, but if you go further up the island Burkes beach is also public and may be less crowded. Tiki hut at the beach house resort is fun at night, their drinks are half water though.

Enjoy, HHI is a great place.