High Cotton Classic - TN/KY/AL - Spring ‘22

Welcome in to the Third Edition of the High Cotton Classic, the event that began it all for our area as a Roost… What started as a 16 player bracket last summer has flourished into a 32 player field once again this season here in Tennessee, with expansions set for Kentucky and Alabama. We still hold true to our original mission of bringing like-minded folks together through competitive golf, but now try to add some sweet #swag and cover every match we can on Instagram, like every player is a star. We’re also very excited to be donating to our Roost’s charity, the High Cotton Relief Fund, through both our entry fees and Calcutta.

Tennessee - The field will be playing in 8 groups of 4, where the leading points (winning on 18 or later - 3 points, winning on 17 or earlier - 3.5 points, losing on 17 or earlier - 1 points, losing on 18 or later, 1.5 points) winner will advance to a bracket stage after three matches. Players compete at 75% of their official handicap, which is locked in through group play and revised before bracket play, and have 16 days to schedule/play matches at any of the courses from the extensive Approved Courses List. With the schedule being set as it is, this event is set to conclude by 7/24, barring matches and stages of play finishing early. The field is is full, groups have been set (each group has been associated as one of the NLU gang’s “hitters”), and handicaps have been locked in. The High Cotton Kickoff is set for this weekend with a chance to watch the Masters as we reveal our groups/bracket and host our Calcutta at a fantastic local spot, The Rudder at Anchor High Marina. Stay tuned to the official Instagram of the event, @thehighcottonclassic, for all the latest on matches, standings, and the event as a whole.

Alabama/Kentucky - We are actively working towards fields of 16 in both these states, and will continue to recruit through our events, #TheBarnBurner in Franklin, KY and #TheYellowHammer in Birmingham, AL. We are planning for a start in Kentucky with our High Cotton Kickoff on 5/6 and play beginning on 5/7. For Alabama, we are planning a start on 5/8 with the High Cotton Kickoff and the first round of play beginning on 5/9. Until then, we will hold our cards tight to the chest as we feel confident with the options we have stored away for however many players we can #getinvolved

With our expansion into our border states, our plan is to form the High Cotton Cup, a Ryder Cup style event with players qualifying to represent their state through their performance in the match play. This year, we are anticipating an event hosted in Tennessee in early August, and look forward to dialing in the details with our esteemed Rules Committee (a group formed of 3 outside industry professionals, myself as a “former” industry professional, a past champion who is also a current industry professional, and 2 other past champions)

Until then… Stoked for the Third Edition and to be sharing it as an official part of our Roost, The High Cotton Club. Craic on!

CC: @Beahrs who was the first ever Champion of this event, in our pre-Roost days
@tanner_sandel as our Certified Hitter and Secretary of Defense
@Jrob0822 who holds the low score for a competition round with a 64 (in his first Classic match)
@PapaZulu for crushing all our Roost event artwork and scorecards


Scorecard for this Third Edition, to be passed out at the High Cotton Kickoff this Saturday, courtesy of @PapaZulu