Here is my swing data

I have been wrestling with whether or not to pull the trigger on getting fitted for a new driver. For reference, my current driver is an old Nike VRS driver (circa 2012 I believe), 10.5 degrees and a stock stiff shaft. I went to get fitted for a 3 wood last year and took a few swings with the driver, which produced the data above. A few bad swings in there obviously , which if you strip them out, I’m at roughly 94MPH, 218 carry, 12.7 launch angle. The guy doing the fitting was surprised at how far I was hitting it given my swing speed and basically didn’t think I would benefit much from something new. I am now reconsidering whether he was right and am itching to get something new. My irons and wedges are probably due for an upgrade as well (purchased in 2013 from Golfworks/Maltby), so I’m trying to prioritize.

Why does this make them due for an upgrade? Maybe you’re due for a new fitting, but you don’t need to replace clubs just because they’re old.

“Itching to get something new” is valid, but don’t mix it up with with “my clubs are old so they can’t be good for me”.

The first thing that caught my eye is smash factors above 1.50

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Very valid points here, it is a constant struggle to not want a shiny new toy. That is part of the reason I made the post, to see if you guys will talk me out of it.

There’s nothing wrong with a shiny new toy. If you want it because it’s new, then go ahead.

But if you want it because you think it’s going to perform better, then go out and confirm that before you pull the trigger. It won’t perform better just because it’s new.

Toe strikes on trackman causing clubhead speed to read high.

Honestly you are hitting bombs for that swing speed. Guessing you have a big two way miss. I would try to calm down your path/face angles before I would buy clubs IMO.

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But wouldnt a higher swing speed mean a lower smash?

I actually confused myself, had to go look it up. Toe strikes are causing the ball speed to jump since that part of the head is moving faster. Club head speed on trackman is always taken from the center of the face (this is what I had wrong).

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Interesting perspectives. I actually tend to hit a fairly consistent fade, which can turn into a slice at times if it gets away from me. But it is definitely a one-way miss, very rarely do I snap the clubface closed for a snap hook or anything left.

I always tell myself to get lessons instead of buying new equipment but buying something new sounds way more fun. I will try to hold off and get another couple lessons instead.

Something doesn’t make sense with what you are saying your miss is vs the numbers posted. Your club path is consistently in-to-out and your face-to-path numbers are consistently negative, meaning the ball should turn left (for a right-handed golfer).

Your smash factors are pretty good, but for your club head speed, you would benefit from a higher launch angle and spin rate to get more carry. You could always adjust your current clubhead and go up in loft to test that out.


Agree. If you’re smash factor is truly 1.47, it’d be tough to get more optimal than that…

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A new driver might help with those mishits though. Might make the dispersion tighter if the two way miss is something you struggle with.

Are you a lefty?

Sounds like a righty. I’m a lefty and my snap hook is right, not left.

I think @arydolphin and @BigJake were trying to make sense of the Trackman numbers, because although @BigT_annarbor says he “plays a fade”, the numbers don’t seem to back that up.

Avg club path at 7.6 with “Face to path” at -6, seems very problematic.

I’m not even sure massive heel strikes could override that face to path

Sorry guys, may have led you astray here. The trackman session was over a year ago and it looks like my memory failed me. I currently do play a fade, which I believe is due to having a slightly in-to-out path with an open face.

I had to go back to my full trackman report to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. When I look at the chart of the report that shows the trajectory of the ball, I was in fact hitting draws/hooks then. It was about the time of this session that I tried to work to straighten out my path a bit and have now overcorrected to where I am not as dramatic in-to-out, nor do I have the clubface closed.

Sorry for the confusion. Good comments nonetheless!

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Sounds like you 100% need to get re-fitted before asking us about a new driver…

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Had a lesson, and thought i would post my 9 iron flight scope data here for you all to pick apart. I pulled out a few of the large mishits. We were working on working the ball to draw and fade it.