Help me whoop my friends B*TTS! (Pinehurst Course Management)

I desire to dominate my bros on an upcoming trip to Pinehurst and I need your help. Over the past 1.5 years, a couple of buds of mine have been diving DEEP into the golf scene (fittings, lessons, trips, etc). We started playing around the same time—except for one guy who has been playing since he was a kid—and we are all about the same handicap. We trade wins back and forth depending on the round, but I have been trending towards breaking free of these fools. I want this to happen on this trip. I am taking every route to securing victory and bragging rights for this year. Got a SOLID practice schedule, fitness routine, and I am reading some awesome Golf literature to insure a sharp and calm mind. But I want more. I am committed to total domination.

We are playing Pinehurst 1, 4, the Cradle, and Tobacco Road.

No one in our group has played these courses, so I am seeking some insider trading.

For those who have played any of these courses; What are course management tips that can give me an edge? Is there a specific route I should take on a given hole? Are there general rules to keep in mind for a course? etc.

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Tobacco Road: get their app (which is basically the same as the $15 yardage book), trust the distances, avoid the trouble/hazards and if you do end up in there, just get out easy and don’t try the hero shot, use the local rule of grounding your club in the hazards and take full swings into that sand to get familiar with it, it changes throughout the course. Get past the mounds on 1 and you’ve got a ton of fairway width, split the tree and the mound on 2, 9 is an elevated punchbowl, take an extra club or two, 12 funnels running iron shots toward the pin, I wish I had advice for 15. Trust those distances.

Oh, and for the Cradle, just have fun. Grab a drink at the Pinecone.


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For these specific courses, the place you will most quickly and obviously separate yourself is on the greens. You’re all probably similar in the ballstriking department, but those greens will rip most players a new one.

Spend EXTRA time working on 5-10 foot putts - not running them more than 2 feet by, getting the reads right - and 30+ foot putts, speed only.

That and patience will win your a lot of bets on that group of courses.

Of course if you can find the magic off the tee, that’ll immediately help a lot too. At your level it can be hit and miss tho.


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Practice chipping. When you’re done with that, practice chipping.


This is good stuff. Thanks homie. SCOOOOBIE

Full disclosure: I am not pulling for you and hope you get served.

As you consider golf literature, please look into “Golf In the Kingdom.” Perhaps it will give you a different, better lens with which to view the game.

In closing, I hope you get your ass kicked all over the resort by your “friends.” You’ll come out of it a better man.


Agreed - do NOT try to play Tobacco Road blind. It’s great but it will eat you if you don’t know where you’re going. Be way further left than you think off 1T.


The fact that I didn’t like Golf In The Kingdom made and makes me so sad. It is just not my thing and I so wanted it to be.

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It’s not a golf book. Kind of like “interstellar” isn’t a sci-fi movie, rather, a father-daughter movie.


Hope you dominate.

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