Help a golf addict cut the cord - discussion thread

With all the talk about Discovery’s Golf TV debut, the migration of PGA Tour Live to NBC Sports Gold App, Golf Channel’s new app, preferences for the Sky Sports broadcast vs. CBS/NBC/etc. I was hoping I could solicit advice from the tech savvy refugees and put all the golf streaming information in one place. The more specific your recommendations the better.

If you were looking to design the perfect golf viewing subscription set up for a fan in the U.S., how would you go about doing this? I’m not talking about illegal streams and sub-reddits with links to bit torrents…


More along the lines of comparing Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Amazon Fire, PGA Tour Live, getting an international VPN and paying for Golf TV, etc. What streaming devices and/or smart tv’s incorporate the major tournament’s apps the best? How does the tour’s latest partnership with Twitter impact any of this? Could you feasibly consume PGA tour and European tour weekend coverage without paying for cable?

Full Disclosure: I was kicked off the living room TV during X-Man’s back 9 charge for the Golden Globe’s. I am a desperate man not willing to risk missing another shred of Hawaiian golf.

Youtube TV has pretty much all the sports channels you’ll need. The sell to the rest of your family would be to save money by getting rid of cable. You’d need to keep whatever internet service you have, but you can stream whatever you want through a Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, etc. The cost is $40/mo plus whatever you pay for internet. My parents have it and enjoy it, and I’m starting it up next week once ATT can set up the new internet.


I cut cable years ago. SlingTV has the golf channel. You’re looking at 25 a month for it, it works fine on roku. It includes ESPN as well. Over the air antenna for CBS and NBC golf on the weekends.

Hulu Live has been great. $40 a month, has golf channel, all ESPNs, Fox Sports, and major networks. We watch on amazon fire stick, Apple TV, iPads, etc. saves me $60 a month (or more) and I don’t miss anything i want to see. Good DVR function.

We recently cut cable and went with Hulu Live. So far, so good. If you want to do YouTube TV or something else, you could also look into Philo ($16/month) as an add-on for some channels your other half may like that some services don’t offer.

This is the way to do it. You get all of the networks for the weekends AND you get Golf Channel and ESPN for the weekday coverage. Then you can supplement with PGA Tour Live if you really want to do that. I’m saving $70/month after switching from Xfinity/Comcast to Youtube TV. The only channel that I really miss is NFL Network, and it’s not all that bad.

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Get a HD antenna to get you the local channels (CBS,NBC) and then I use the NBC sports app on my Xbox which has all of the Golf Channel coverage

Did the same thing with PSVue and I’m really happy with it. There’s very little difference between any of the providers (PSVue, SlingTV, YouTube TV, etc.). Each will have slightly different pricing and slightly different channel packages. Just make a list of the channels your family watches and pick the best one for you.

It was discussed at length in another thread but PGA Tour Live is really only worth it if you’re going to use it on Thursday and Fridays.

Another vote for going the YouTubeTV / PGA Tour Live route.

Being able to add the PGA / Euro / LPGA / LET / etc tours to your Library in YouTubeTV means that every event the hold is added to your account and stored for 9 months.

Bored on a Tuesday? Have your pick of any of the events that have occurred over that period. Don’t feel like waking up at 1 am to see if Hosung can close the deal? Just start the stream whenever you happen to roll out of bed on a Sunday.

The only other thing I’d add is that the Masters’ really stepped up their YouTube account game last year. I really love having final round broadcasts available at the drop of a hat whenever I get bored (or just get tired of looking for something else).

For a golf junkie, it’s absolutely awesome. I almost feel like I have too much #content available now.

Can not recommend YouTube TV enough. Had cable for 12 years and made the switch about 6 months ago. We absolutely love it.

I’d estimate our cable bill alone was $160ish/month, and now it is $40. One time Roku cost of around $100 as I like having a remote with volume controls. Take a look at the options for these on Amazon, and just make sure it matches your feature needs. There are a lot of different options out there on Rokus.
It’s also nice when you’re traveling to just pull out your phone and be able to watch TV on the go. You can also access your cloud DVR while traveling as well.

The only thing we don’t get now is HGTV and that’s only a concern of the wife. If you’re on the couch and get kicked off the TV, you could also load the app on your smart phone and watch TV right there as well (at no additional cost).

Only “negative” thing I found was that when we recently moved, I had originally set it up with iTunes/Apple Pay for payment, and it would not let me update my area to get local news, etc. Wasn’t a big deal, just cancelled my account and re-setup it up (took 2-3 minutes) and all my DVR, settings and everything were still there. If I could make the one suggestion, it would just be to set up on the web with a PC at their website and paying with credit card. That way you won’t run into that situation if a move were to occur down the road.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me, but it is super easy to set up and you also get a free week trial.

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My issues for cord cutting have all been that I’d end up spending more, because there isn’t a meaningful savings to go to internet only bc of the way Comcast and Verizon (my only internet options) price their packages. Smart on their part, but frustrating.

Unless you have a super small Comcast package, there should be savings there. I’m in the same spot in terms of internet options and I was paying $157 for cable and internet through Comcast. I canceled cable and internet from Comcast is now $60/month for 100 mbps and then pay $50/ month for the PSVue core package. $564 is almost a new driver.

From the sounds of it, Youtube TV looks like a steal! If only I could use it in Canada without a VPN, I would cut the cord immediately. My cable/internet bill is $250/month and that would save me approximately $150/month!

My wife always says the only reason we still have cable is because of all the sports I watch and the lack of an alternative to watch it in a quality setting.

I play nothing and use my mate’s access codes to his SkyGo app.

I am currently winning at life. :slight_smile:

Yeah I only pay like $95 or something for a Verizon package that gets me what I need. Someday, I dream of a world where there are many options for reliable internet rather than a cable monopoly or duopoly like are in most places today.

I just canceled Netflix and started up Hulu after reading through this thread. Pretty excited to have the Golf Channel again after 6 years without cable (although I did log in occasionally through my sister’s account).

PS - how do cable companies still exist? I literally just set up my Hulu account in like 15 seconds and had it activated on my TV within another 30 seconds.

my local provider is done trenching down the street, and I will have GB service a week from monday. ordered my 4K HDR OLED tv, and am ready to tell directv to shove it.

so youtube tv seems like the popular choice here, and is only $40 to get golf channel. the unlimited cloud DVR seems like a good thing for when i’m recording The Open and other tournaments. the previous masters being uploaded is super appealing too.

i see that apple TV can stream 4k HDR content, but does youtube tv? apple tv is just a box that aggregates and navigates your various streaming services that you don’t really need if the youtubetv app is already loaded on your tv right? if i’m going to get the good tv and go to streaming, i need to be able to stream 4k and at least 5.1.

has anyone tried directv now? looks like you have to go to the $65 package to get golf channel, but as an ATTWireless customer i wonder if i can get some price breaks like i used to on satellite service.

Sony is cutting the cord on PS Vue in January. Probably need to load up your shopping carts with streaming devices for Black Friday deals…

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wait what?

I’ve been using Vue for the last 2 years, but it has gone downhill the last 6 months. Hearing they are selling it sealed the decision to try out YouTube TV.