Headed to Denver


Is Bear Creek still men’s only? Such a weird policy to hang on to in this day and age, especially in a place like Denver.


It was as of 2014 still. Agreed that it was an odd policy. I was a genuine member prospect new to the area and at some point the membership dude was boasting about the policy and said “and your wife can absolutely come work the bev cart or the bar!”. My over/under for average divorces for the membership at that place would be 2. And the leading cause for me not joining.

But the course is sweet.


I am certain that they didn’t say that.


@endangeredspiethies Actually, I’m certain that Mr. “G-Man” most definitely did, since it was said to me and all and you were not there. What in the world would I have to gain by making that comment up? Simply offered it because someone asked if the place was still mens only and it was absolutely relevant to that comment.


The most valuable currency in the world: internet points.


Haha, touche, hoard and adore those internet points like my children!


The chance to say this:


Edited my comment to remove that “my wife is awesome, but it’s not all that relevant to the story” point. Doubt it does anything to make you believe anything I’ve said, but that’s just fine with me!


It still is. I just looked at their website and they’ve got this paragraph on their home page:

“This Club is for men who truly love the game of golf. They see its infinite variety, enjoy its challenge, and relish its spirit of competition. But, most importantly, they seek the camaraderie and life-long friendships that grow from it.”


I know that it is. I’m certain, however, that they didn’t suggest that a prospective member’s wife could work as a bar-cart girl / bartender during a recruiting pitch.


If you knew the membership director, you’d understand it probably wasn’t even the most offensive thing he said that day. He obviously didn’t even mean anything by it or think it was a strange thing to say. Again, just kind of gets back to highlighting the vibe of the place and their attitude sounding the men only policy.


I do know him.


@endangeredspiethies confirmed to be the Bear Creek Membership Director

Off topic: My wife is a moron, is that bev cart job still available?



Poor @Ebo, dude just wanted course suggestions and he got this instead. Funny thing is @endangeredspiethies and I actually recommend the same public tracks haha! So if he and I can even agree on that, they sure ought to be your top choices. PS - if you’re a low single digit or better, play the tips. Ball goes forever in Denver so don’t be scared by 7,500 yards, and the courses are best from the back tees.


Off Topic, re: CommonGround: the artificial humps on the front-right of #5 green and the front-left of #14 green are idiotic.

#15 is one of the best holes in the state.


I’d add that #2 is kind of a joke of of a golf hole. Murphy Creek is better, but for public courses in and around Denver, CG still rises near the top nonetheless.


Yeah that got real fun for a bit. It’s good to see everyone’s opinions though as it gives me as much insight as possible. Thanks to everyone for the recs! I’ll be sure to post where we played.


What are your thoughts on #11? I’d rank that as one of the best public Par 5’s in the Denver area.


I like 11, though in a neutral / tail wind it becomes Driver - anything from 7 iron to wedge, and the risk dissolves. Plus that fairway is gargantuan and you want to be farther right than you think. I like 3 better, especially from the way back tee. Best green on the course.