Haunted Clubhouses/Courses? - TGJ research


Fully random thread for a Friday afternoon, but anybody got any stories (confirmed, rumored, apocryphal, or otherwise) of golf course ghosts? Think less of Jim Nantz’s achingly sentimental Bobby Jones references during the Masters, and more along the lines of the long-dead one-armed groundskeeper who clipped greens back in the 20s with barber’s shears. Or whatever.

Might end up putting together something for The Golfer’s Journal on this topic if there’s enough good stuff out there, and I figured this was a great place to start.


The best I can think of is a 9 hole muni on Long Island called Gull Haven. The course is on the grounds of the old central islip psychiatric center which at one time was the 2nd largest in the US.
Some of the old buildings are abandoned and are right by the 1st tee.


Im guessing a little digging (oh I see what you did there) might turn up interesting stories from Prison View inside the wire at Angola Prison. I played their once and the experience of signing onto prison grounds for golf was creepy enough. I would have expired immediately upon exposure to paranormal activity.