Harry Higgs Island

Listened to the pod on my way home from family this weekend. I’m officially on Higgs Island and have accrued some property over the years, everyone is welcome at my compound.

I can’t clip the words perfectly, but his line about the difference between good and great players, even at the amateur level, is a guy looking at 140 yards and saying it’s a full PW and a guy looking at the same shot and saying it’s 140 yards is…chef’s kiss…perfect.


I loved, LOVED his line about (paraphrased) “I stopped trying to hit the shot and accepted that sometimes I was just going to slap the ball, because only the score matters”


He was explaining how a 65 happens:

“it’s really just birdies on the par 5s, keep hitting your shots to the safe prudent lines and you will feel confident over your 20 footers, you need 2 of those to drop and you may miss one on the good side and have a 5 footer to make. bam, 65”

My wife goes “If that’s how he talks about 65 he’s another kind of good holy shit…”


“honey this is why he makes millions playing pro golf and i have a day job”


this is good on so many levels

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@Christian probably has a house or two on triple-H island, as well

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@almostscratchonce are we talking about going out playing golf or staying in playing golf?


Too true man…here’s how the 69 convo went

“How was the trip?”

“Great, we had a lot of fun, and I broke 70 on my last round!”

“Wow! what’d you shoot?”


“oh, I thought it would be lower, haven’t you shot 69 before”

“No, no I haven’t…”


I want a condo after listening to most of the podcast. Had never heard of him before you guys brought up his name during the KC web event last summer.

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Harry Higgs and I both have sofa related issues.

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I’ve owned property on that island for 10+ years. Always had a feeling he would get to the top level.


I was virtually unaware of Higgs Island before the pod was released, but I got the impression early on that he is a very likable guy… Then he dropped the tidbit about being an Eagles fan, and now i’m looking to become a full time resident.


If he does not get a Titos deal next year I will be very sad.

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His more woke response would be

“65 is simple, it’s 11 4’s and 7 3’s”


An Eagles fan living in Dallas at that!

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Yeah he’s deep behind enemy lines.

That is nothing compared to not routing for the jayhawks in OP, KS.