Hardest Public Course You've Played...that most haven't heard of?


Iron Valley Golf Club in Lebanon, PA



Jacks club at Carlton woods in the woodlands. Fast undulating greens…pins hovering behind peaked white sand bunker edges. Just brutally hard. Didn’t help playing in summer Houston and 90% humidity


The University of Georgia Course is the hardest public course I’ve played, but also one of my favorites. Plays very long with a lot of options to get aggressive. Some of the nicest public greens I’ve played. If you play around the time they host a women’s college tourney they can be rolling upwards of 13.


Troy Burne, Troy Wisconsin


No way, that course is easy. HUUUGE landing areas and big greens.


Willingers in Northfield, MN.

74.2/148 rating with tight fairways and hazards everywhere. You can lose a lot of balls fast and watch the triples pile up.


in the US: The Shattuck in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Won a round hear in a charity auction and took 3 buddies all between 5-15 handicaps. +8 net was the best score of the day.

overseas: Doonberg in County Clare, Ireland. And it was a “calm” day.


I think I already talked about this course awhile back in the Best Public Courses You’ve Played That No One Has Heard Of or whatever that thread was, but Wine Valley out in Walla Walla, WA. When the breeze comes up off the Palouse and they get the rollercoaster greens rolling anything more than a 10 or so, it can be brutal. The course is always firm because it’s on a sandy base. Just to set a bar on the difficulty, it held a Washington State Am qualifier and the medalist score was -2. That is with no breeze blowing off of the Palouse and them playing it from 7000 yards when it can be stretched to 7600 yards. It’s a ton of fun and a challenge all in one!