Harbour Town or Haig Point


Hey y’all,

I’m in the process of planning a weekend away with the wife, a babymoon of sorts, and am looking for insight into playing Harbour Town or Haig Point. The exclusivity of Haig Point intrigues me while the prominence of Harbour Town intrigues me. I doubt the wife will let me play both over the same weekend so any and all pros and cons of each are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Played HT for the first time last week. It did not live up to expectations for anyone in our group. Well-manicured, but generally not an interesting golf course. You’re pretty much playing it for the views on 17 and 18. If you’re near Sea Pines, I would recommend Heron Point. I thought it was a more interesting course and came at a fraction of the cost of HT.


This is good to know. Thank you!


Would second Herron Point but if you are okay with the coin for Harbour Town I would 100% get on Atlantic Dunes instead. Recent renovations have been really well received and no 2 holes are really that similar. Great value I think for an below the radar (for now) course.

Do you belong to a club? A lot of times this time of year (august may be pushing it), the weather is so damn hot down there that private clubs will welcome lots of reciprocal play. A few guys from my club went down a few weeks back and had our pro line up Long Cove and Colleton River.


Thanks for the insight. I do belong to a club so I may have them reach out. The main reason for deciding between Harbour Town and Haig Point is the proximity to Daufuskie as we will likely stay there.


Ah. In that case I’d pref. Atlantic dunes of the 3 sea pines courses


I have not played Harbour Town, but played Haig Point twice in May. Course was in great shape and the greens were some of the best I’ve ever putted on. Haig Point is a little easier to get onto since they now have an affiliation with ClubCorp. But seeing as how Harbour Town is still entirely public and Haig Point is technically private, I would play Haig Point. If you are staying at Daufuskie, that makes the decision even easier.

Now, if you want another idea and it’s really about spending a weekend away with your wife and you’re going down that way: stay at Palmetto Bluff and play May River on-site while you are there. Your wife will be happier there than at Harbour Town and May River is a kinder and gentler Nicklaus design than the really hard courses he built in the 80s and 90s.


This is a great suggestion. The way I’d have access to Haig Point is actually through ClubCorp so that makes perfect sense.

What about Palmetto Bluff better suits a weekend away with the wife than Haig Point or Hilton Head?


i would go with haig point especially if you are staying on dafuskie. harbour town is not worth the money as above posters said. its got a hole and a half on the water and the rest is any other course down there.


More to do at Palmetto Bluff than Daufuskie. If you stay at Haig Point, it’s not really a resort even though they have places to stay over there. We stayed in a rental house in Haig Point, and apart from the golf course and the beach club, there wasn’t much else in the development for us to do. There is a very nice hotel at Palmetto Bluff with all of the amenities that you would expect, and the restaurants are pretty good too. The spa at Palmetto Bluff is amazing (or so I’m told by my wife), and there are a bunch of activities to do on the water near Palmetto Bluff. The only thing you’ll miss out on is the beach at Palmetto Bluff because it’s in Bluffton.

Put another way: if you can get onto Haig Point through Clubcorp, I would do that for a golf weekend. If you’re doing a babymoon/romantic weekend, I would strongly consider Palmetto Bluff.


Don’t lie. You got a facial and foot rub, too.


This is great feedback!


Agree with this. As someone who lived in the area for years- If you’re staying on Dafuskie, play Haig Point.

However, Palmetto Bluff is a fantastic babymoon location/resort. Play another course in the morning, and see if you can swing the palmetto bluff course for an evening round (with wife joining you with a cocktail.)

Food and activities will be better at Palmetto Bluff/ Bluffton (Old Town Dispensary / Bluffton Room / Cahills for sunday brunch)


Cahills fried chicken is awesome.


Thanks for this!


I played Harbour Town two summers ago (week of the 4th). Staying in Sea Pines made a good bit cheaper, and the wife encouraged me to (Masters grad gift). I’ll echo what others have said in that the course doesn’t necessarily stand out until you get to the back nine and then of course the closing stretch is awesome! What I will say is that Harbour Town was the most well conditioned course I’ve ever been on. The greens were phenomenal. Fast, but if you hit your putt on a line, it did not move. It’s tight for a mid-high handicapper like myself, so my score wasn’t good, but I think I one putted more greens that day than I ever have.